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Kathryn Cassidy - Digital Repository of Ireland, A Case Study


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Presentation given by DRI Software Engineer Kathryn Cassidy at Open Repositories 2018, Montana, USA. The presentation looks at DRI's experiences as an open source infrastructure, including lessons learned from the initial development period.

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Kathryn Cassidy - Digital Repository of Ireland, A Case Study

  1. 1. Kathryn Cassidy Software Engineer, Digital Repository of Ireland Trinity College Dublin
  2. 2. Digital Repository of Ireland Case study: Or “I wouldn’t start from here…”
  3. 3. Requirements and Policy
  4. 4. Metadata standards in our Designated Community
  5. 5. DRI Presentation Types of Media
  6. 6. Open • Commitment to… • Open Access • Open Data • Open Source
  7. 7. Trusted Digital Repository • Many requirements came from ISO16363 / TRAC • DSA & CoreTrustSeal certified
  8. 8. A bespoke solution based on Open-Source tools
  9. 9. What has gone well 
  10. 10. Lots of things have been very successful • Members of Samvera & Fedora consortia • Open-sourcing our own codebase • Mostly agile development approach with a lot of input from real-live users • Keeping up with community developments • Open and transparent about our process
  11. 11. What has gone not quite so well 
  12. 12. Resourcing • During the first phase of our project we had up to 10 developers / technical staff • UI/UX developers • back-end developers • data modelling developer with metadata expertise • storage engineer • dev ops engineer • Now we have 2 developers responsible for all of the above
  13. 13. Fedora • Storing our binaries outside of Fedora • Using Moab versioning for storing versioned objects • including copying metadata datastreams out • checksums, etc. done based on the Moab package • This means that we are not really making much use of Fedora
  14. 14. Samvera • We did not follow the rest of you into the wonderful world of RDF! • ingesting from XML • requirement to be able to export exact same XML • We refactored our data models early on to use Sufia Models • This means that we are out of step with a lot of the rest of the Samvera community
  15. 15. Committing back to the community • It look us a while to iron out the legalities of becoming members of Samvera & Fedora • We have written a lot of code, but we have not submitted much back to core Samvera codebase • As our code further diverges it becomes more and more difficult to rectify this
  16. 16. Lessons learned
  17. 17. • Submit your changes back to the community! • Churn is inevitable, schedule sprints for migrating to newer versions of the Open Source tools you use • Keep track of emerging consensus / standards, but don’t adopt too early • Revisit your assumptions • e.g. do we really need to export identical XML?
  18. 18. Thank you! @dri_ireland @angrybunnie