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Hilary Hanahoe - The Research Data Alliance in a nutshell


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From "A National Approach to Open Research Data in Ireland", a workshop held on 8 September 2017 in National Library of Ireland, organised by The National Library of Ireland, the Digital Repository of Ireland, the Research Data Alliance and Open Research Ireland.

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Hilary Hanahoe - The Research Data Alliance in a nutshell

  2. 2. Vision Researchers and innovators openly share data across technologies, disciplines and countries to address the grand challenges of society. Mission Build the social and technical bridges that enable open sharing of data. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  3. 3. Open and effective data sharing is necessary to advance research, innovation, and economic growth. The Work of RDA is done by the volunteer community building the social and technical connections or bridges that come together to form a global data sharing infrastructure. The Business of RDA is to support that community and facilitate the building and using the bridges that enable open sharing of data. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  4. 4. Who supports RDA? Supported by international organisations since 2012 & launched in March 2013 6,000+ volunteer members 43 Organisations 8 Affiliates 600+ projects CC BY-SA 4.0 WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL
  5. 5. What is RDA? RDA is an international member based organization focused on the development of infrastructure and community activities that reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange, and the acceleration of data driven innovation worldwide. With over 6,000 members globally representing 130 countries, RDA includes researchers, scientists and data science professionals working in multiple disciplines, domains and thematic fields and from different types of organisations across the globe. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  6. 6. The work of RDA Members come together through self-formed, volunteer, focussed Working Groups, exploratory Interest Groups to exchange knowledge, share discoveries, discuss barriers and potential solutions, explore and define policies and test as well as harmonise standards to enhance and facilitate global data sharing & re-use. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  7. 7. Who can join RDA? Any individual, regardless of profession or discipline, with an interest in reducing the barriers to data sharing and re-use and who agrees to RDA’s guiding principles of: ◦ Openness ◦ Consensus ◦ Balance ◦ Harmonization ◦ Community-driven ◦ Non-profit and technology-neutral Individual Membership is free @ WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  8. 8. Why Join RDA as an Individual Member? Individual Member Benefits ◦ Contribute to acceleration of data infrastructure development ◦ Work and share experiences with collaborators throughout the world ◦ Access to extraordinary network of colleagues with various levels of experience, perspectives and practices ◦ Gain greater expertise in data science regardless of whether one is a student, early or seasoned career professional ◦ Enhance the quality and effectiveness of personal work and activities ◦ Improve one’s competitive advantage professionally and positioning oneself for leadership within the broader research community Individual RDA Members 6,070 WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0 DRIVER–CONTRIBUTOR-OBSERVER
  9. 9. RDA worldwide growth WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0 130 Countries 130 Countries Total RDA community members 6070
  11. 11. HTTPS://RD-ALLIANCE.ORG/ - HTTPS://TWITTER.COM/RESDATALL Membership breakdown based on 6 macro & 42 sub domains of Science & Technology classification CC BY-SA 4.0
  12. 12. RDA Working & Interest Groups Working Groups ◦ develop and implement data infrastructure, e.g. tools, policy, practices & products that are adopted and used by projects, organizations, and communities ◦ TIMING: 12-18 MONTHS ◦ TOTAL: 30 working groups RECOMMENDATIONS: Concrete deliverables - “Running code”, tools, standards, etc. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0 Interest Groups ◦ focus on solving a specific data sharing problem and identifying what kind of infrastructure needs to be built. ◦ TIMING: as long as group is active ◦ TOTAL: 58 Interest Groups OUTPUT: Possibly case statements for new WGs, guidelines, communication
  13. 13. RDA Recommendations Adopted code, policy, specifications, standards, or practices that enable data sharing “Harvestable” efforts for which 12-18 months of work can eliminate a roadblock Efforts that have substantive applicability to groups within the data community but may not apply to all Efforts that can start today WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0 “Create - Adopt - Use” 18 flagship recommendations & outputs with over 75 documented adoption cases in different domains, organisations and countries. 4 EU ICT Technical Specifications (standards) -> public procurement & 5 more in the process.
  14. 14. The European Commission has a flexible approach to standardisation when identifying new ICT technical specifications. RDA & Standards / ICT Technical Specifications Research Data Alliance is recognised as an organisation compliant with the requirements to issue ICT Technical Specifications 4 RDA recommendations identified as ICT Technical Specifications (published in Official EC Journal 5 further RDA recommendations currently under approval process Once identified and approved, these specifications can then be referenced in European public procurement. Encourage competition, promote interoperability and innovation, and facilitate the provision of cross-border services.
  15. 15. Scalable Dynamic-data Citation Methodology Overview: Supports accurate citation of data subjected to change, for the efficient processing of data and linking from publications. Adoption: 10 documented cases including domain specific examples in environment, forestry, oceanography, biomedicine Produced by the Data Citation Working Group Currently in the European ICT Technical Specification approval process RDA Recommendations WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  16. 16. 23 Things: Libraries For Research Data An overview of practical, free, online resources and tools that users can immediately take advantage of to incorporate research data management into the practice of librarianship. Produced by the Libraries for Research Data Interest Group RDA Supporting Outputs and-outputs WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0 Legal Interoperability of Research Data Principles and Implementation Guidelines: a set of principles and practical implementation guidelines offered as high-level guidance to all members of the research community —the funders, managers of data centers, librarians, archivists, publishers, policymakers, university administrators, individual researchers, and their legal counsel. Produced by the Legal Interoperability Interest Group
  17. 17. 2013 - 2017 CC BY-SA 4.0 Organised around the world every 6 months RDA Plenary meetings are exciting & productive events bringing together a unique community of data science professionals, from multiple disciplines and domains. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL RDA Plenary Meetings
  18. 18. montreal-canada CC BY-SA 4.0 WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL
  19. 19. JOIN  Join as an individual & / or organisational member CONTRIBUTE  Join & participate in existing Working & Interest groups  Propose new group with international colleagues  Leverage on RDA (Ireland) web section for dissemination & communication ATTEND  Attend an RDA Plenary Meeting  Attend national & European events ADOPT&IMPLEMENT  Adopt one of the 18 recommendations  Implement one of the 5 supporting outputs  Reference ICT technical specifications in procurement & promote interoperability & openness Benefits for you …. WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG @RESDATALL CC BY-SA 4.0
  20. 20. RDA in a Nutshell WWW.RD-ALLIANCE.ORG/ @RESDATALL RDA Global Email - Web - Twitter - @resdatall LinkedIn - Slideshare - RDA Europe Email - Twitter - @RDA_Europe RDA Ireland Web Section