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Cillian Joy - IIIF Implementation Stories: NUIG


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Presentation given by Cillian Joy, Digital Library Developer, National University of Ireland, Galway outlining implementation of International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) at NUIG, at the IIIF Showcase and Workshop, co-hosted by Digital Repository of Ireland, UCD Library, and DARIAH Ireland on 13 March 2018 in the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin

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Cillian Joy - IIIF Implementation Stories: NUIG

  1. 1. IIIF Story Cillian Joy, Digital Publishing and Innovation, NUI Galway Library 13 March 2018
  2. 2. Outline Why? (for us) Application Implementation Learnings NUI Galway Library
  3. 3. open access Omeka, CALM; process such as EAD to MODS, Excel to MODS Tools Islandora Typical workflow is archival listing > digital metadata > Ingest. With some work taking mass digitisation approaches. Enable and Institutionalise Digital Scholarship Archives Open access Data Archives (2/3 listed) 6.5million pages digitised ~1.5 25,000 At a glance Digital Publishing and Innovation VISION million Remaining are digital surrogates available on campus ~
  4. 4. Why? (for us) Convinced of the benefits Funder mandates But … Learning curve How does IIIF sit with our existing solutions? What does it mean for our workflows and practices? Does the business case currently stack up? … we were here for a while … NUI Galway Library
  5. 5. Along came a project Michael M. O'Shaughnessy (1864-1934) From Limerick to City Engineer of San Francisco (1912-1932) NUI Galway Library
  6. 6. NUI Galway Library12/03/20 18
  7. 7. Application, Galway viewer using IIIF We could have used any technology We had the will to use IIIF = standards, interoperability, lower long term cost Opportunities for unified cross institution/collection usability Reusable viewer with callouts to related content and timeline NUI Galway Library
  8. 8. Galway viewer NUI Galway Library
  9. 9. IIIF Implementation Incremental NUI Galway Library
  10. 10. Implementation Image API • Loris • Cantaloupe Presentation API • Manifests/JSON • JavaScript, Python, Prezi, Manual NUI Galway Library
  11. 11. Learnings Lots of work, automation is key Search Content models Infrastructure overlap NUI Galway Library
  12. 12. Thanks For more, see @nuigdigital @cillianjoy NUI Galway Library
  13. 13. Implementation NUI Galway Library
  14. 14. Implementation considerations Viewers, single or multi-page, niche HTTPS all the way CORS Search – in progress NUI Galway Library