An implant like no other.NobelActive for exceptionally high initial stability                TMand esthetic excellence NEW...
Unique implant design for maximumstability and esthetic excellence.Clinically provenThree-year data from an ongoing five-ye...
Digital precision                                              Next generation diagnostics and treatment                  ...
73717 GB 1107 © Nobel Biocare Services AG, 2011. All rights reserved. Nobel Biocare, the Nobel Biocare logotype and all ot...
Optimal soft tissue                                            supportMaximum alveolar bone volume                Back-tap...
Esthetics like no other.Anterior restoration                                                                           «An...
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Dental Implant like no other


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At The Clinic Dubai, we use dental implants from Nobel Biocare

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Dental Implant like no other

  1. 1. An implant like no other.NobelActive for exceptionally high initial stability TMand esthetic excellence NEW ∅ 3.0 mm for limited spaces
  2. 2. Unique implant design for maximumstability and esthetic excellence.Clinically provenThree-year data from an ongoing five-year study demonstratescontinued positive trends consistent with the one- and two-year results.1, 2, 3 Bone remodeling occurred during the firstthree months of the study, followed by increasing or stablebone levels. Soft tissue variables have been stable throughoutthe study. Illustrations show first and second molar,immediately loaded single crowns at insertion and after Platform shifting.24 months (courtesy of Prof M. Lorenzoni, Graz, Austria).1 Kielbassa AM, Martinez-de Fuentes R, Goldstein M, Maximum soft tissue volumeArnhart C, Barlattani A, Jackowski J, Knauf M, Lorenzoni Built-in platform shifting designed toM, Maiorana C, Mericske-Stern R, Rompen E, Sanz M. Ran-domized controlled trial comparing a variable-thread novel improve soft tissue for natural-lookingtapered and a standard tapered implant: interim one-year esthetics.4results. J Prosthet Dent. 2009 May;101(5):293-3052 Martinez-de Fuentes R, Arnhart C, Barlattani A, GoldsteinM, Jackowski J, Kielbassa AM, Lorenzoni M, Maiorana C,Mericske-Stern R, Rompen E, Sanz M, Strub JR. Two-yearFollow-up of NobelActive, a Variable-Thread Novel Tapered Enhanced osseointegrationImplant. J Dent Res 2010;89(Spec Iss B):4704 Unique oxidized TiUnite surface with3 Clinical evaluation of NobelActive. Ongoing study in 12 grooves (Groovy) increases implantcenters. Clinical Research Department, Nobel Biocare. stability through faster bone formationThree-year follow-up data on file. and ensures long-term success.5,64 Atieh MA, Ibrahim HM, Atieh AH. Platform switchingfor marginal bone preservation around dental implants:a systematic review and meta-analysis. J Periodontol.2010;81(10):1350-665 Glauser R, Portmann M, Ruhstaller P, Lundgren AK, Häm-merle C, Gottlow J. Stability measurements of immediatelyloaded machined and oxidized implants in the posterior max-illa: a comparative clinical study using resonance frequencyanalysis. Appl Osseontegration Res 2001;2:27-96 George KM, Choi YG, Rieck KL, Van Ess J, Ivancakova R,Carr AB. Immediate restoration with ti-unite implants:practice-based evidence compared with animal studyoutcomes. Int J Prosthodont 2011; 24(3):199-203 The unique combination of controlled titanium oxide texture and porosity makes bone grow directly onto and into the surface. (Courtesy of Dr Peter Schüpbach, Switzerland) D Dental Product Shopper voted N NobelActive Best Product 2009 only o one year after its market introduction. w n nobelactive
  3. 3. Digital precision Next generation diagnostics and treatment planning with NobelClinician Software – Enhanced diagnostics combining 2D and 3D views of the patient’s anatomy – Digital treatment planning considering availability of bone and prosthetic needs – Online collaboration between treatmentDual-function prosthetic connection partners with NobelConnectInternal conical connection for – Seamless integration with NobelGuideabutment-supported restorations and treatment conceptexternal platform for unique implantlevel bridges in titanium and zirconia. NEW Now for Mac OS X and WindowsSingle-unit and multiple-unit interface. Esthetic excellence Precision Milled RestorationsStrong sealed connection with NobelProceraInternal conical connection with hexago-nal interlocking offers tight seal and – Broad choice of solutions fromsecure positioning of abutments. individualized abutments to screw- retained crowns, implant bridges and implant bars overdenture – Wide range of materials for cement- retained full-contour crowns, copings and bridges on abutments – Medical device standards and consistent precision of fit through industrial productionMagnification (10×) of the interface betweenabutment and implant.
  4. 4. 73717 GB 1107 © Nobel Biocare Services AG, 2011. All rights reserved. Nobel Biocare, the Nobel Biocare logotype and all other trademarks are, if nothing else is stated or is evident from the context in a certain case, trademarks of Nobel Biocare. Product images are not necessarily to scale. Disclaimer: Some products may not be regulatory cleared/released for sale in all markets. Please contact the local Nobel Biocare sales office for current product assortment and availability.Try it once, you’ll never go back.NobelActive™PlatformImplant ∅ 3.0 mm* 3.5 mm 4.3 mm 5.0 mmLength8.5 mm – 35221 35223 3522510 mm 36769 34125 34131 3413711.5 mm 36770 34126 34132 3413813 mm 36771 34127 34133 3413915 mm 36772 34128 34134 34140 New: NobelActive 3.0 for limited spaces.18 mm – 35215 35219 35220 NEWPlatform ∅ 3.0 ∅ 3.5 ∅ 3.9 ∅ 3.9Implant ∅ 3.0 ∅ 3.5 ∅ 4.3 ∅ 5.0* NobelActive 3.0 is only indicated for the replacement of single-unit maxillary lateral incisors and single-unit On all Nobel Biocare implants includingmandibular lateral and central incisors. Multiple-unit restorations are neither indicated nor accommodated by prefabricated prosthetic components.restorative components.
  5. 5. Optimal soft tissue supportMaximum alveolar bone volume Back-tapered collar provides additional bone volume.Back-tapered coronal design for optimalsoft tissue support. Optimal prostheticHigh initial stability even in orientationcompromised bone situationsExpanding tapered implant body withdouble-lead thread design condensesbone gradually.Adjustable implant orientationReverse-cutting flutes with drillingblades on apex enable experiencedclinicians to adjust implant positionfor optimal restorative orientation, Minimally invasive insertion and adjustable implant orientation optimize the prosthetic orientation.particularly in extraction sites.Maximum bone preservationApex with drilling blades enables smallerosteotomy.
  6. 6. Esthetics like no other.Anterior restoration «An incredibly effective im-20-year-old male, non-smoker, congenitally missing two plant that provides excellentupper lateral incisors, labial profile with concavities and lack stability even in compro-of bone volume mised sites; because of its unique features to preserve Diagnosis the biology of marginal hard CT scan confirmed sufficient bone volume and soft tissues, NobelActive (labial/palatal width) for placement of has become my No.1 im- narrow diameter implants due to slight plant in the esthetic area.» subsidence of facial bone table. Implant placement Minimally invasive surgical approach with a semi-lunar primary incision of the ridge and two very short release incisions. Placement of two NobelActive NP 3.5 × 13 mm implants. Dr Eric Rompen, Professor and Department Head of Soft tissue contour development Periodontology/Dental Surgery, University of Liège, Belgium Intra-oral resizing of Procera Esthetic Abutments Zirconia using profuse irrigation. Provisional restoration Immediate function with provisional crowns. Picture shows tissue response to provisional restoration six weeks after Precise margin adaptation of the provisional restoration implant placement. Final restoration Placement of NobelProcera Crowns four months after surgery. The soft tissue and radiographic results after 24 months show excellent soft tissue contours and stable bone levels.Case courtesy of Dr Eric Rompen (Belgium) X-rays 24 months after implantation showing stableProvisional restoration C. Legros, final restoration C. Binamé, dental laboratory M. Picone bone levels