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iListen Presentation for forg design by Kevin Lin


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The APP Design presentation for forg design was done by Kevin Lin and supervised by drhhtang. It outlines the problems and main features. This APP has been fully implemented in Android-Based Phone.

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iListen Presentation for forg design by Kevin Lin

  1. 1. HEARING IMPAIRED PERSON2012年4月27日星期五
  2. 2. 2012年4月27日星期五
  3. 3. HEARING IMPAIRED FAMILY This app is designed for hearing impaired people, Because my parents are hearing impaired person, that’s a reason why I design i-Listen.2012年4月27日星期五
  4. 4. As we know, hearing impaired person loss their hearing sense, their life is full of danger. Like, when a hearing impaired people drives car on the road, there is an ambulance behind. This moment, it could be danger.2012年4月27日星期五
  5. 5. FOCUS GROUP Hearing impaired person sign language translator X1 5 Members group a team2012年4月27日星期五
  6. 6. So I got lot’s of problem from them. I tried to figure out and turn into my app design. Finally, I designed i-Listen.2012年4月27日星期五
  7. 7. 2012年4月27日星期五
  8. 8. ! Four Functions Communication / Transportation / Signal / Emergency2012年4月27日星期五
  9. 9. COMMUNICATION Hearing impaired person First one, communication This function can help hearing impaired people to know what people saying and to communicate with people.2012年4月27日星期五
  10. 10. User can key in the words, i-Listen will turn into speech sounds. It also work the other way. User can press record button, i-Listen will change someone’s voice into words and show it on screen.2012年4月27日星期五
  11. 11. TRANSPORTATION Hearing impaired person Z... z... It can help HIP relax on his trip. According to user research, I found that they think loss broadcasting is inconvenient, especially on the train, bus and metro.2012年4月27日星期五
  12. 12. So I design a way to help them. User just choice their destination, i-Listen will set a GPS base and set a location circle, waiting for user into the circle, device will remind hearing impaired people by vibrating.2012年4月27日星期五
  13. 13. 2012年4月27日星期五
  14. 14. 2012年4月27日星期五
  15. 15. SIGNAL Hearing impaired person ! This function is helping HIP to receive sounds, user’s device will be their ear to detect around him.2012年4月27日星期五
  16. 16. First, you have to record a sound to be recognize, you can name it and save it in one of files. And than, when you want to go out, that you can choice one of files and press it to detect. It will analysis sounds and match it.2012年4月27日星期五
  17. 17. EMERGENCY Hearing impaired person It is a simple design on it, I want to help HIP easy to call for help, so I design 3 ways2012年4月27日星期五
  18. 18. It is a simple design on it, I want to help HIP easy to call for help, so I design 3 ways2012年4月27日星期五
  19. 19. Or, user can sent his location data to emergency contacts; last one, user can call their contacts to make notice, let his contacts know that he need some help.2012年4月27日星期五
  20. 20. ABOUT ME LIN, KAI-TING / KEVIN Professional Abilities/ User Experience +886 911 175 211 User Study User Interface Design Multi-Disciplinary Cooperation Designer2012年4月27日星期五