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Ditldesign talk / Yaya Chen


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DITLDESIGN TALK The presentation of Yaya Chen on 2014.04.22

Ditldesign talk / Yaya Chen

  1. 1. 設計的經緯 陳尹之 YAYA CHEN 2014.04.22
  2. 2. 設計=解決問題的辦法
  3. 3. 2008
  4. 4. 設計=⼯工程的藝術體現
  5. 5. TU Delft case
  6. 6. 設計=創造價值
  7. 7. 2011 The Vertical Village - Exhibition Products develop 2011 Taipei Extra-Ordinary Exhibition 2011 5 lab’s summer sport Exhibition
  8. 8. 2012 SUNPRIDE - Branding 2013 7-11 CITY CAFE - Product and Packaging
  9. 9. 2012 Taipei Design Thinking Workshop for Taipei City Government
  10. 10. 2013 Design Thinking & Linking Workshop for Taipei High School Principals 2013 Spring Color Workshop in NTU
  11. 11. 設計=商業溝通
  12. 12. Value Strategies for China
  13. 13. FUTURE IN-FLIGHT EXPERIENCE IN CHINA VALUE STRATEGIES FOR CHINA SD5401 Prof Tak LEE,Patrick CHAN TEACHING TEAM Daniel Feng, Jofil Angelo Agrupis,Yaya Chen TEAM MEMBERS FLYMILY is a product-service system that provides a better family experience from pre-flight to post-flight and addresses the in-flight needs of the family by decreasing the burden and stress of the parent while taking care of the child during flight by helping meet their hopes for their child in safety, well-being, happiness and creativity. The aim of this project is to know the needs and desires of passengers on board, to identify occurring problems during in-flight, understand their current lifestyle that is already working as may have a supporting factor for our project, and propose a solution that substantially meets the needs and desires of our end users. Convert the family unit into in-flight experience. This project are providing a service system which design for children in flight. And a business model of how the service gets revenue. Because of the one child policy since 1980, every child has more recourses than ever before. In addition, the budget flight ticket fare affecting the market price to decrease. We discover the opportunity of family taking their only child on flight is increasing. ONE-CHILD POLICY OF CHINA TOUCHPOINTS OF IN-FLIGHT FAMILY EXPERIENCE FLEXIBLE PLATFORM TO ENHANCE COOPERATION OPPORTUNITIES IN THE DIFFERENT FIELDS OF BUSINESS KID’S MEAL BOX KID’S PILLOWKID’S BOTTLE KID’S PILLOWS SERVICE SYSTEM DESIGN PRODUCT DESIGN RESEARCH ANALYSIS PROJECT BRIEF BUSINESS MODEL Air-line companies kid brand education industry toy industry food industry BOOKING SYSTEM IN-FLIGHT SERVICE IDENTITY IN-FLIGHT KID SERVICES POST-FLIGHT SERVICE1 FAMILY TICKET PACKAGES2 3 4 5 USER SCENARIO
  14. 14. The OPUS Study 26 27 opus hong kong a mOnOgraph ActualphotographofOPUSHONGKONGinMay2012
  15. 15. V
  16. 16. VII Initial Design Sketches I from Korean porcelain pottery, where the surface is curated interior. The large lounge’s surface is covered with a thick layer of cushion over a wooden base, acting as a place for work or rest, placing along with a coffee table for the client to enjoy her cigarettes or a glass of drink.
  17. 17. XVIII
  18. 18. XXIII Floor Plan
  19. 19. XXIV Design Drawings
  20. 20. XXV Design Drawings
  21. 21. XXVII Dimensions & Materials Material: Procelain Color: White with blue pattern Finish: High gloss lacquered
  23. 23. Project Proposal The Hong Kong culture is reflected through the diversified design in buildings: both vertical and horizontal. The centenary expansion by land reclamation and skyline provides a dramatic cityscape. “The project is aiming for design an installation that is appearing both virtually and in reality, in order to introduce the past, current and future views of Hong Kong to travelers nowadays.”
  24. 24. Statement 2005 2014 Except taking photos of sceneries, what else can travelers experience the city with their smart devices? “One In Every 5 People In The World Own A Smartphone, One In Every 17 Own A Tablet.” - Business Insider 2013 Dec.
  25. 25. Lines of Hong Kong
  26. 26. Thank you