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Appreciating the multifaceted F2E from user experience to service design


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F2E originated from the professionals handling front-end coding of webs in the internet era. They play an important role in the presentation and interaction of webs, and are the frontline uses encounter. Good F2E can greatly improve the quality of user experience.
When entering the era of new service design, the touch points between users and service are getting diverse. Not only digital user interface, but also a physical user interface, voice user interface, and even human-to-human contacts are included in the trend of online-offline integration.
Facing new service system, we might redefine F2E as engineers who utilize service persons, physical environments, digital tools and environments to establish service systems. Therefore, the jobs of F2E are more diverse and splendid. This talk will share our near-future imagination for service F2E.

Published in: Design
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