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EECS 441 Company Presentation- Uber


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This is a presentation about Uber.

Published in: Business
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EECS 441 Company Presentation- Uber

  1. 1. Uber Dylan Hurd [drhurd]
  2. 2. Car Service on Demand Black Car, Lux uberX, uberXL Taxi
  3. 3. Financials $18.2B valuation after $1.2B Series D [Google Ventures, BlackRock, others] Revenue doubling every 6 months [According to CEO] > $1B in Gross Bookings for 2013 [Leaked Revenue numbers]
  4. 4. History 2008: Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick decide they want to solve the taxi problem in SF 2010: MVP launches in NYC (Jan) & SF (July), soon receive Cease and Desists (Oct) 2013: Lyft rises as a competitor
  5. 5. Whats Hot UberRush
  6. 6. Secret Sauce Uber is ruthless, but has a professional brand Continuously adding new products Growing exponentially
  7. 7. Uber is worth way more than $18B Uber is “obsoletive,” not disruptive “[Suggesting] that Uber’s ceiling is the size of the taxi industry is no different than suggesting typewriters are the ceiling for PCs”
  8. 8. Competition Lyft: Your friend with a car Sidecar: Shared rides with nearby users Taxis: Old and expensive
  9. 9. Uber is going to take over the f***ing world
  10. 10. Sources