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Stretches for casuality evacuation


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Stretches for casuality evacuation

  1. 1. Medical team training coursE.01.03.2012H.R.Varmazyar , M.D ; M.S Stretcher : Definition and OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH 2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  2. 2. 1- A stretcher is a medical device 2- simple type of litter used to carry casualties or an incapacitated person from one place to another.1- "Normalized" stretchers, orfolding stretchers the simplest type made of two poles and two transversal hinged bars with a cloth stretched between the poles and four feetThese stretchers are often used asbeds Designed for easy storage and transport. They consist of a tubular2- Disaster stretchers aluminum structure with a washable cloth. They cannot be folded, but can be piled up. When they must be carried by onlythey are usually carried two people, they tie straps to theby three or four people poles, so the weight is supported by the shoulders and not by the hands. OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH PARS, 2012/3/22 Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  3. 3. 3-Lifting and carrying devicesThe casualty must be lifted (scoop)to be put on the stretcher. 1- Manually 2- Specific devices These devices can be also used as stretchers, but only for short distances 3A- A long spine board in case a spine trauma is suspected, the victim is left on the board and tied to it and the board is, in turn, secured to the stretcher3B- The spine and the overallimmobilization can also beperformed by a vacuum mattressput on the stretcher 3C- A padded spine board is similar to a long spine board, but has padding on top of the plastic surface to keep emergency victims more comfortable while they are strapped to the backboard OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH PARS, 2012/3/22 Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  4. 4. the vacuum mattress can be used as a stretcher (it has handles), which is best in narrow places when the stretcher cannot be kept horizontal. It is more secure and comfortable than strapping the patient to the stretcher.An injured woman is wheeledaway on a stretcher during theshooting. An injured woman evacuated by padded spine board OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH PARS, 2012/3/22 Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  5. 5. An injured woman iscarried on-board anambulance after asubway derailment inSpanish city ofValencia, July 3, 2006.The death toll rose to41 while another 47more peopleinjured, officials said An injured woman ison Monday. carried out of the subway after a subway derailment in Spanish city of Valencia, July 3, 2006. OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH 2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  6. 6. What are you thinking about? OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  7. 7. 4-The scoop stretcher Is used for lifting patients, for instance from the ground onto an ambulance stretcher or long board. OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  8. 8. 5-A reeves stretcher, or flexible stretcher, is a flexible stretcher that is supported longitudinally by wooden or plastic planks. primarily used to move a patient through confined spaces (e.g. a narrow hallway), or to lift obese patients To load the patient, the stretcher is folded, and the patient is rolled aside so the stretcher can be slid under him/her. The stretcher is then unfolded. For the patients comfort, a dry sheet is often folded into the stretcher OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH PARS,2012/3/22 Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  9. 9. Other types of stretchers6-The Nimier stretcher (brancard Nimier): this stretcher was used by theFrench army during World War I. The casualty was placed on his back, but in a"seated position", (that is, the thighs were perpendicular to the abdomen).Thus, the stretcher was shorter and could turn in the trenches. 7-Hypothermia stretchers have insulation or heating elements to reduce the risk of hypothermia while in OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH transit 2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  10. 10. 8- A Transmotion isa type of medicalpatient handlingdevice thatcombines thefollowing devicesinto one; astretcher, arecliner chair, anda treatment orprocedural table. 9- A Paraguard style stretcher used to totally immobilize a casualty when raising or lowering in rescue situations, will fit inside most basket stretchers for ease of PARS,2012/3/22 OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S ground level
  11. 11. Litter (rescue basket)Typically it is shaped toaccommodate an adult in aface up position and it is usedin search and rescueoperations. The person is strapped into the basket, making safe evacuation possible. The person generally is further protected by a back board and a cervical collar, so as to immobilize the person and prevent further injury. OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH 2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S
  12. 12. Rescuers evacuate aseverely ill womanfrom a snow-blockedvillage in Romania asthe European cold snapcontinues. Rescue team evacuated a woman 2012/3/22 OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH PARS, Hamid R. photographer Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S .
  13. 13. OCEANIC 5000,SOUTH2012/3/22 PARS, Hamid R. Varmazyar, M,D ; M.S