Six "Key" Strategies...Operating Principles for Key Ministry


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During March, 2013 we shared six "Key" strategies...operating principles and approaches that have provided a framework for our staff and volunteers when unexpected ministry opportunities arise.

Each strategy SUPPORTS the mission, vision and values of our organization…and are subject to change when they no longer fulfill their purpose. Each strategy is grounded in Biblical principles. Each strategy is synergistic with every other strategy. They all serve the purpose of helping to maximize the impact of the human and financial resources God has entrusted to our stewardship at Key Ministry.

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Six "Key" Strategies...Operating Principles for Key Ministry

  1. 1. Six “Key Strategies”An Overview of the “Key Ministry Way” Stephen Grcevich, MD Chairman, Board of Directors, Key Ministry Spring, 2013
  2. 2. Six “Key Strategies” Services and resources are offered free of charge Building a team Expanding the circle Intentionally collaborative Seekingplatforms to advance the ministry Leveraging technology tomaximize our impact
  3. 3. Understanding the strategies… Each individual strategy supports the other strategies Strategies SUPPORT the mission, vision and values…they’re subject to change when they no longer work. Provides a framework for our staff, volunteers when unexpected opportunities arise… “Commander’s intent” Purpose…maximize impact with limited human, financial resources
  4. 4. Why talk about this now? Because it’s worked most of the time Because it’s shaped our others think of us Because organizational memory is important for our new leaders Because our staff (with God’s wisdom) will adapt the strategies in response to new challenges and opportunities
  5. 5. Providing access, resources free of charge… Enhances ability to access, build relationships with individual churches Object lesson in removing barriers/grace Resonates with current, potential donors Past examples: JAM Sessions, Inclusion Fusion Future implications…Some category of ministry resources and services will always be made available for free Key Scripture…1 Corinthians 9:15-18
  6. 6. Building a team… This mission is WAY bigger than any one person Establishing a culture that other strong leaders with big visions can join Allows for the ministry to outlive the founders Keeps focus on Christ as opposed to any individual Expands our influence more than if we relied on one key leader Future implications…Key “Contributors”…other ministry leaders may receive small stipends to affiliate with us, collaborate on defined initiatives Key Scripture: Romans 12:4-8
  7. 7. Expanding the circle… Inclusive ministry touches every area of the church Disability ministry historically insular, needs perspective from other church leaders, experts outside the church Increases foundation of support for inclusive ministry Synergy with strategy to access more platforms Past examples…Children’s ministry initiatives, Inclusion Fusion Future initiatives…adoption/foster care ministry, youth ministry) Key Scripture: Nehemiah 2-3
  8. 8. Intentionally collaborative… Relationships allow us to cast much greater influence than size, budget would otherwise allow We’ve focused on developing resources to share that no other organization could offer (resources from professionals, Inclusion Fusion, Free Respite website) Past examples: Insight for Living, Group Publishing Future initiatives…online church platform, online training platform, organizations such as 99 Balloons, online store hosted bypublishing house? Key Scripture: 1 Corinthians 3:5-11
  9. 9. Seeking platforms to advance theministry… Resources are irrelevant if churches don’t know they exist Strategy for getting seen by the most people who can do ministry for the least amount of money Modeling change we seek by offering our platforms to like-minded leaders, ministries Past examples: Social media initiative, Accessibility Summit, Orange Conference, Group Kidmin Conference Future initiatives…Online church platform/training platform, collaborations with publishers? Key Scripture: Romans 1:8-15
  10. 10. Leveraging technology to maximize ourimpact… “To reach people no one else is reaching, we have to try stuff no one else is trying.” Content may be made available to families within their preferred environments Necessitated by inability to travel to all of the places where we might have impact for the Kingdom Examples…Inclusion Fusion library, new Key Ministry Website, Inclusion Fusion Future…online training platform, Google hangouts, platform to spotlight innovation by individual churches Key Scripture…Matthew 28:19-20