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Chagrin Valley Men's Fellowship 022513


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I use Key Ministry as an illustration of how God can use our life experiences and circumstances to prepare us for highly specific ministry assignments. We’ll discuss ways of discerning plans God might have for each of us to serve in His Kingdom, examine some common barriers that prevent us from pursuing the plans that God may have for us, and explore ways that we can encourage and support one another in fulfilling the roles for which God has prepared us.

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Chagrin Valley Men's Fellowship 022513

  1. 1. Does God Have a Plan For Your Circumstances? Stephen Grcevich, MD President and Founder, Family Center by the FallsClinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Northeast Ohio Medical University Chairman, Board of Directors, Key Ministry Chagrin Valley Men’s Fellowship Chagrin Falls, OH February 25, 2013
  2. 2. My Story… The Grcevich family (1969) Grew up in Catholic family Father became “born-again” in 1975 I explored other Christian traditions after leaving home Became connected to Bay Presbyterian Church during residency at Cleveland Clinic Remained involved with BPC after moving east, marriage
  3. 3. God’s hand in the circumstances?1997-2002…an interestingtime? Why don’t you do it? Elected to BPC Elder Board Struggles of BPC families following Eastern European adoption with kids experiencing “hidden disabilities” Opportunities to teach…and share the need for ministry to families of kids with emotional, behavioral, developmental disorders
  4. 4. A series of coincidences? One of the few actively Christian physicians specializing in child and adolescent psychiatry… Is actively involved in leadership at a church 37 miles one way from his home? That recognizes a need for ministry to families with emotional/behavioral/neurologic disabilities? Is given the opportunity to travel the U.S. and share the work his home church is doing with other child- serving professionals? Is in a church with a reputation for supporting “entrepreneurs in Christ?”
  5. 5. Are you an “entrepreneur for Christ?” People who have seen Christ at work first-hand within the church’s walls and who have responded in faith by initiating their own ministries both inside and outside BPC, often with the active support of the church itself. Bay Presbyterian Church Website (2011)
  6. 6. What does Key Ministry do? YouTube:
  7. 7. Provides FREE training,consultation, resources andsupport to help churches serve,welcome and include families ofkids with disabilities
  8. 8. What Key Ministry offers… Free training, consultation to churches (JAM Sessions) Relationship along with resources (Key Holders) Free Respite training, software Website containing over 200 downloadable resources, video training library Hosts Inclusion Fusion…worldwide, Special Needs Ministry Web Summit
  9. 9. Key Ministry…In 2012… And beyond? Live training to hundreds of  “Boots on the ground” in pastors, volunteers in ten major metropolitan areas states across U.S. Invited to present at seven  Regional respite networks major ministry conferences  Training through seminaries? Blogs, website accessed from  Online training platform 139 countries (325K+ page  Online church views) Revamped website, training library
  10. 10. Three additional “burdens” for me… The online church for families impacted by disabilities… Wanting to see the Chagrin Valley transformed by strong families taking responsibility for passing along their faith to the next generation Wanting other mature Christians to have the opportunity I had…help in pursuing the “God thing” I’d been positioned for
  11. 11. My hypotheses… Preparation for highly specific ministry callings through life experience is common Most Christians fail to respond to their “nudge” from God because of…Not knowing how to take the next step Churches/traditions discourage personal ministry Fear Competing priorities
  12. 12. What has God uniquely positioned you to do? Upbringing/education Geography…where you live and work Vocation Relationships Life experiences Natural talents and abilities Spiritual gifts Passions/interests
  13. 13. Are you “called?” Do you sense a “persistent pull” to a specific Kingdom work Does it fit with your giftedness? Are doors opening to support the work? Is it validated by other mature believers? Does your spouse affirm it?
  14. 14. Recommended Scripture passages: Esther 4:14 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 1 Timothy 3:1-7 1 Peter 4:10
  15. 15. Discussion Questions.. What would you do to advance the Kingdom if God allowed you to choose any type of ministry you desired? How has God unmistakably orchestrated your circumstances in the past to position you to minister to others? Is there a specific ministry need that God repeatedly brings to your attention? If you haven’t responded, what’s getting in the way?
  16. 16. Action Items…1. If you’re discerning whether God might be nudging you toward a specific ministry calling, share it with the guys on the email invitation list for tonight, so others can pray for you…and2. Seek out at least one other man who might help you to discern/pursue God’s direction3. If you’re not sensing a “nudge” from God, offer to meet with one guy who does to lend support
  17. 17. How can you help Key Ministry? Pray for our team! Spread the word through social media with churches and families Volunteer your time and talent Contribute financially… (scan QR code at right)
  18. 18. Stay in Touch!Key Ministry Website: http://www.keyministry.orgChurch4EveryChild…Steve’s Key Ministry Blog:!/drgrcevich!/KeyMinistry