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11 M Attacks Adrià Flores Moliner


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11 M Attacks Adrià Flores Moliner

  1. 1. 11M attacks
  2. 2. The facts: <ul><li>11m means  March 11th in year 2004. Madrid was attacked by radical islamist terrorists. Some days after the attacks, probably the most risky and shameless lie of the Spanish history, spanish govern says that ETA, an basque terrorist assotiation, was the attack's autor. </li></ul><ul><li>Chronology: In 7:37, 3 boms exploited in 2 route of Atocha's station. In 7:38, 2 boms exploited in the station of &quot;el pozo del tio Raimundo&quot; In 7:38, a bomb exploited in santa Eugenia and In 7:39 4 boms exploted in a train 500 metres before the atocha's entrance. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Official data: <ul><li>2 days after the attacks the oficial number of deaths was 191 (177 in attack moment) and 1857 people injured. </li></ul>