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Helping Parents Make Sense of Educational System in America


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Published in: Education
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Helping Parents Make Sense of Educational System in America

  1. 1. Helping Parents Make Sense of Educational System inAmerica parents- make- sense- of- educational- system- in- america/ April 10, 2013The educational system in America is one the top talking points among parents throughout thecountry and this is why many turn to things such as K12 reviews to gather information to makeassessments, decisions and recommendations.Parents struggle with understanding how the school that their child or children attend ranks incomparison to not only other schools throughout the United States; but also how well thoseexact school fare compared to those in other countries. This type of research can providegreat insight in to one of the most important issues facing parents and caregivers; aseducation is a mandatory part of raising children properly so that they are primed for theirfuture.Though many people question the educational system in America, it is imperative to performdue diligence in the manner of finding out information on other schools in order for a truecomparison to be made. This is the way in which data and statistics can be gathered, typicallythrough the use of K12 reviews, so that the school in question can be pitted against others tosee test scores, curriculum, student to teacher rations and overall achievement results farewhen two different schools are compared.Compare Like InstitutionsYou further need to take the issue of the educational system in America one step further bymaking sure that you compare like institutions, demographics, geographical areas and regions.This is where you would delve deeper in to such K12 reviews to make sure that if you are tryingto gauge the benefit and success of one school in an urban area you are using a similar schoolfor those comparisons to be accurately and appropriately made. This means that you combthrough and read reviews for like areas and demographics so that you do not get skewedresults as rural schools and urban schools truly operate and function in different ways basedon their location, population base and other macro and external factors that all come togetherto dictate how the school is organized, run and managed.
  2. 2. Gather Relevant Inf ormationYou can opt to research and assess the educational system in America on your own as this willhelp guide you in terms of making the most informed decisions for you and your children. Youhave the ability, through K12 reviews, to gather all of the relevant information you need tomake those important and imperative decisions. The fact that many schools are lacking invarious areas of academics, management and function is why such tasks fall on the shouldersof parents as they are the ones who have the vested interest in their own children’s future. It isno longer an assumption that a school residing in an affluent area has the best educationaloffering as many other options such as charter schools and private institutions also exist andcould potentially make more sense for your needs.Be ProactiveThe ongoing and ever present educational system in America debate is one that has beenraging for decades. Things such as K12 reviews have come into existence specifically to helpparents who want to be proactive in terms of their children’s education get the detailedinformation they need in order to make those tough and right decisions. Parents cannot affordto be passive when it comes to their children’s future; and especially in terms of the educationthat all children need as a base for success in their own future endeavors. This is whyeducation is a hot topic and one that needs to be routinely reviewed.The educational system in America is a changing and evolving one and that requires parents,more so now than ever before, to use things such as K12 reviews so that they can help theirchildren get the education they need and thus deserve.Here are a f ew K12 reviews f or you to consider.Great Schools in USInternational Comparison of AchievementHow Does America Rank Compared to Other CountriesBest High School Rankings By StateBest Magnet SchoolsBest Charter SchoolsTop 100 Best Performing Public Schools in the U.STop public schools: Large U.S. citiesAbout Dr. Patricia FiorielloDr. Patricia Fioriello is a K-12 online education consultant and founder