Characteristics of Gifted Children


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Characteristics of Gifted Children

  1. 1. 50 Common Characteristics of Gifted Children common- characteristics- of- gifted- children/ April 10, 2013Characteristics of gifted children are numerous. Not every gifted child will necessarily exhibit thesame traits. The following is a list of characteristics that are often seen in gifted children. Howmany characteristics do you see in your child?1. A gifted child is very observant. He or she will notice things in the environment that the averageperson will not. The child will remember faces, colors, and details.2. Characteristics of gifted children often include extreme persistence. They will keep trying to finda way to accomplish something long after others have given up.3. They pick up and respond quickly to non verbal clues.4. They have large vocabularies. The gifted are usually verbal and articulate.5. A gifted child will have a vivid imagination.6. They often prefer the company of older children and adults to that of children their own age.7. Gifted children often disagree with others and are not afraid of a spirited debate.8. A gifted child will learn very quickly. Most people require a certain amount of repetition to mastera skill. The gifted don’t need to practice nearly as much, and often learn things after seeing orhearing it only once.9. Gifted children have many hobbies and interests. They want to be involved in a variety ofactivities.10. They are quick to grasp generalizations, pointing out similarities in events and situations.11. Gifted children sometimes have the ability to focus on more than one thing at a time.12. Characteristics of gifted children often include a special sensitivity to beauty, or another
  2. 2. extreme trait that stands out in another individual.13. A gifted child often has a great sense of humor, and may even be the class clown.14. One of the biggest characteristics of gifted children is a high level of energy. Sometimes theyare even diagnosed as hyperactive.15. Gifted children can transfer thoughts and ideas from one set of circumstances to another.16. A gifted child may be bossy in group situations.17. Gifted children have better comprehension skills than their peers. They are able to understandand explain in detail something they have recently read.18. The gifted child will possess excellent problem solving skills, and is able to think outside thebox.19. Sometimes gifted children have more street smarts than book knowledge.20. Characteristics of gifted children often include coming up with a better way of doing things.21. Gifted children often want to do things on their own. They don’t like relying on other people.22. A gifted child usually begins reading at an early age.23. The child is very curious. Gifted individuals are not content with superficial knowledge. Theywant to know as much about something as possible.24. Working independently for long periods of time is a trait of gifted children.25. These children have good memories. They will be capable of recalling specific events in vividdetail that others will not.
  3. 3. 26. Gifted children enjoy putting together jigsaw puzzles.27. They are quick to see relationships among things that seem to be different.28. A gifted child may sometimes take on too much and become frustrated.29. They have long attention spans. When other children become fidgety, the gifted child will stillbe attentive.30. Gifted children often enjoy sarcasm.31. If a gifted child discovers an error in his work he may erase until there is a hole in the paper, orcrumple and destroy the work completely.32. They become frustrated if others don’t meet their own high level of expectation.33. The gifted child often manifests his or her ability through the arts and various musicalendeavors.34. Gifted children can think quickly on their feet.35. Characteristics of gifted children include original thinking. They think in unconventional wayswhen solving problems.
  4. 4. 36. They can be good guessers.37. Gifted children don’t like to waste time and may be impatient.38. Gifted children have emotional sensitivity. They have a keen sense when something isbothering another person.39. They may demonstrate playfulness intellectually. They like to imagine and take risks with theirideas.40. Sloppy handwriting can be a characteristic of gifted children.41. Gifted children are often nonconformists in their dress and behavior.42. They are sometimes critical and can be quick to spot inconsistencies.43. A gifted child is usually a natural born leader.44. Gifted children are often perfectionists.45. Seeing cause and effect relationships are characteristics of gifted children.46. They prefer to work independently instead of in groups.47. Gifted children may harbor inner insecurities because they fear losing their intellect or talent.48. Gifted children can approach complicated material by separating it into individual components.49. They are sometimes daydreamers. They get bored focusing on the conversation of their peers.50. Characteristics of gifted children includes not believing at face value everything they are told.They want to research, investigate, and find out things for themselves.National Association of Gifted ChildrenMore Characteristics of Gifted ChildrenCharacteristics of Giftedness Scale – pdfThe Profoundly Gifted
  5. 5. Giftedness: The view from withinDr. Patricia Fioriello is an education consultant from San Francisco, California and thefounder of The blog provides the latest informationabout the characteristics of gifted children and teaching gifted children.