Easy way of making a living online with your own Internet Business


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Learn how easy it is to set up your own online Internet Business

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Easy way of making a living online with your own Internet Business

  1. 1. Easy way of making a living online following a few simple rules and doing it yourself  Good day,  My name is Herman Dreyer  I live in South Africa  Internet Marketing  20 years experience  Learn to do it all myself  Webmastering learned HTML  Software Developing VB6  E-books PDF PowerPoint  Newsletter Email  Press Releases Articles  Copy Writing
  2. 2. Herman Dreyer Been in this Internet Marketing game for 20 years What I have learned must I give the Americans credit from who I have learned just about everything Jim Daniels, Kim Roach, Ana Hoffman, Amy Lynn Andrews, Merle from mcpromotions just to name a few Software: So much FREE stuff online you can basically do all your programming and marketing for free
  3. 3. Internet Marketing Setting Up your Software Doing it Step by Step 1) Register a Domain - Hosting 2) Learn to develop your own website also known as a HTML file – Hyper Text Markup Language used to develop websites 3) Newsletter: Publish your own newsletter 4) E-book: Make your own E-book using free HTML templates 5) Article Marketing – Learn copy writing 6) Press Release: Learn how to format a press release 7) Presentation: PowerPoint, PDF, Word Documents 8) Webmasters free stuff 9) Publishing Marketing: Social Media, Search Engines 10) Learn to develop application programs 11) Making money from your online business
  4. 4. Own Domain Two ways you can go about having your own domain Or making use of free blogging domains. I recommend to register your own domain Benefit: Better control over your websites titles, descriptions etc. and it is cheap to register and to host FREE: blogger.com, wordpress.com to setup a free blog Benefit: FREE hosting and seems there is no restriction on number of hits received I have done it both ways my traffic were much more from my own domain Search Engines: Must say with my own domain did I have plenty high ranking websites and obviously you have no restriction how many sites you can run under your own domain, at some stage I had 1500 sites running, help to have many sites indexed drawing traffic particularly in Google See what Brett has to say why you should have a lot of websites Most traffic comes from Google, Bing and Yahoo may be 5% of all my traffic Work a couple of keyword into your domain it help for better ranking I have found
  5. 5. HTML – Develop own Website Actually quite easy use Notepad as an editor Just open any HTML document do some editing, change any pictures, change the text, change, the email address, change any hyper links – saveas ‘mysite.htm’ and you’re done Open your new site with your browser and that is it Simple is it not Or download a free HTML editor ‘AOLPRESS’ easy to learn and use Been using my AOLPRESS for some 20 years and still find it useful, however do I do all my sites in Notepad, has designed a few simple templates you are free use Download Free Website Templates
  6. 6. Your Own Newsletter Of all the marketing tools used to promote a business online have I noticed that just about all online marketers have there own email newsletter Easy to compile by using a text editor ‘Notepad’ send it to your subscribers through email Email: Mass distribution ‘Outlook Express’ and ‘Eudora’ have both BCC fields to paste multiple email addresses or when your subscriber list has grown to many thousands is to make use of a mailing company As a marketing tool one of the best, once you have build up a subsrciber list of many thousands and sky is the limit on the Internet You can market to your subbies over and over again having a mailing list of people that trust you Getting Subscribers: Place ads in other related newsletters ‘demc.com’ I had good results in the past with – ‘directoryofezines.com’ you will find tons of newsletters where you can place ads of about any topic under the sun Place a subscription form on your website E-book Download - Email: Internet Email Beyond The Basics
  7. 7. Make your own E-book using free HTML templates All the pages of your e-book must be in HTML format Copy all your HTML’s, graphic files, sound files to the same folder Download ‘Sbookbuilder7’ from the Internet – run a search Sbookbuider7 build stand alone exe files and look very professional Distribution: Give away for free creating a viral effect if liked, people pass it on – bring lots of traffic to a website Sell: clickbank.com Download a free copy of my e-book about marketing online inclding some ‘Twitter’ tips made with Sbookbuilder7 Click to download my free E-book
  8. 8. Article Marketing Articles: All time favorite of mine since I have noticed through the years how it draw traffic to my websites In order to get the most from your articles is to learn how to craft eye catching titles, paragraphs and body content. You need to capture your reader’s attention with the title in order for him to read further and act on your offer Brian Clark from ‘copyblogger.com’ is an expert when it come to write a title that pull How to write 10 to 20 articles per day ‘online-success-shortcuts.com’ Ezinearticle.com, goarticles.com are a few places to list your articles for free and also make websites of your articles Building Traffic With Article Marketing Willie Crawford Mass Article Submission Tool Post your article on Scribd, Post your article on DocStoc. Post your article on Medium.com, Post your article on Quora. Post your article on Business2Community.com.
  9. 9. Press Release Examlpe of a Press Release ------------------------- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Articles: Tips About Marketing on the Internet Pretoia, Gauteng Herman Dreyer April 25 2014 Lots of tips marketing on the Internet including the use of Social Media to drive traffic to a website and where to setup a free blogs without having band width problems. Articles about: Pay per click search engines, launching a free E-book, Tips to use aricles as a strong marketing tool, Why you should have a blog as part of your marketing agenda, ezine advertising the best value for your money, why you should learn to do copy writing properly in order to craft eye catching headlines, SEO search engine optimization, publish your own newsletter. How to leverage the social media sites to drive massive traffic to any website. Usefull tips about how to effectively use the 140 characters of twitter to convey your message including why to use the # tag. Most articles is about driving traffic and the various ways to employ search engines, social media and advertising. About Herman Dreyer http://articles-by-herman-dreyer.blogspot.com ------------------ Free listing with ‘prweb.com’ and ‘pr.com’ or you can run a search for more places to list
  10. 10. Presentation - PowerPoint Exactly what you are reading here now is a presentation about marketing on the Internet made with PowerPoint You can also do it in PDF – Adobe Acrobat or do it online By doing it in Word you would be creating a .doc document However it seems that ‘slideshare.com’ prefer either a PowerPoint or PDF document I have noticed quite a lot of hits coming from ‘slideshare.com’ Kim Roach Cool Traffic Resources Presentations: Another way to generate free traffic to a website
  11. 11. Webmasters Free Stuff Free marketing E-book by Kim Roach – Best I have seen Underground Marketing Tips http://www.freesticky.com/ http://www.thefreesite.com/ http://www.classifiedsforfree.com/ - got quite some traffic http://www.webmasterfree.com/ Free Website Templates Free Website Tracking Tool Free News Feed Tool Free Marketing Tips by Kim Roach | Another Site With Super Marketing Tips Marketing Warriors Warriorforum
  12. 12. Marketing - Social Media I have seen that ‘stumbleupon.com’ has been bringing in quite a lot of traffic lately Most popular social media sites are ‘facebook.com’ and ‘twitter.com’ However if your stuff is good you can make a killing with ‘technorati.com, digg.com, deliciuos.com, delicio.com’ and a host of other free social media sites Here is a nice free tool with a drop down list to tons of social media sites if you use mozilla firefox as a browser – addthis.com Onlywire.com has also quite a lot of social media sites you can market to Running a blog? On each update ping it to ‘pingoat.net, pingomatic.com, pingler.com, googleping.com’ Then obviously can facebook and twitter generate a lot of free traffic My Twitter Site | My Facebook Site | Your Google Profle Site can bring in a ton of traffic http://www.skillpages.com/ | myspace.com is another huge community
  13. 13. Search Engines The grand daddy of Search Engine Experts is Danny Sullivan from searchenginewatch.com Google the giant – bing, yahoo well no match to performance or number of traffic you can expect to generate through search engine marketing You don’t even have to submit to Google, you will be spidered through your socila media sites and quickly Google work on two things, indexing and positioning Indexing: Your website title, description, body content Positioning: To rank high you need lots of high Page Rank in bound links Then your success would largely depend on keyword research Best around is wordtracker.com | Google’s own keyword search tool Googkeywords.com a free tool include a link to the Google search tool Google | Microsoft – Bing | Yahoo and in the old days lycos.com, webcrawler.com, altavista.com, excite.com, infoseek.com, I think lycos.com is still online, if listed with these old engines should serve as a nice back link. PPC Pay per click search engines: I have tried Adwords from Google, Kanoodle and 7Search. All bring in targeted traffic and you only pay for the number of clicks. Depends again on the price per keyword like ‘business’ you would probably pay a few bucks per click others could be as low as only1 cent a click
  14. 14. Application Programs Driving Traffic Developing your own application programs to either sell clickbank.com or give away for free driving traffic to your website. I do have a old Visual Basic 4 program that still works fine with plenty free code online, also do I have a Visual Basic 6 program with lots of free online coding planet-source-code.com and a Visual Basic.Net 2003 program. So lets discuss the various programs and to learn how easy it is to use them. Visual Basic 4: I'm quite sure you should be able to download a copy from the Internet being old some fifteen years. Easiest way to learn is to open a file 'form.frm' say it contain a button just double click on it to get to the coding part. Copy and paste a line of coding and run the program, hit save and there you got it. It also contain a Setup function to make an exe file for installation purposes. Same goes for both Visual Basic 6 and Visual Basic.Net 2003 If you can't find a free copy to download try ebay.com should pick up a working copy for cheap. These are all old programs and should be available from people who has up graded to say VB 2014 Now neither you nor I can tell the difference from witch program was used to compile an application program since they all look the same and basically does the same job. Another way to make money from your software is to cut a deal with ezine owners to sell to their subscribers for a share. Plenty places to list on the Internet for free download ie. upload.com, simtel.com, tucows.com Ever think about that Mr. Bill Gates is the father of all software as we know it today. Then I want to thank the Americans for letting me in on all these Internet secrets. Free Download some of my Programs I have developed
  15. 15. Marketing Books I used Both these books was written by Jim Daniels some 20 years ago but they still contain wonderful marketing information and how to employ email as a marketing tool Unfortunately is Jim offline now for quite some time may be he has passed away By emloying these techniques has Jim Daniels generated a six figure income and build a subscriber list of over 250000 people to his marketing newsletter in the days before there was social media making use of search engines and ezine advertising Insider Internet Marketing is only in printed form try amazon.com or ebay.com Free download: Internet Email Beyond The Basics
  16. 16. Twitter the In thing These days Here is some twitter tips I have discovered Use the # in your tweets, it help twitter to catagorize information and could mean more clicks 140 characters to spin your story, include keywords if you can Art of writing great Twitter Headlines Make your tweets more sticky – paper.li and twylah.com Make Twitter Traffic More Sticky Mining twitter for exact leads using a Google search intitle:"attorney * on twitter" site:twitter.com Bring the Twitter Conversation to any Webpage Twitter tips by Daren Rowse Tips to get people retweeting
  17. 17. Other ways to get Traffic These are known ways to me that I have tried myself http://www.trafficswarm.com/ http://www.demc.com/ - Placing an ad in a ezine with a large number of subscribers has always paid off in the past like reaching 300000 people for $40 By adding a posting in a forum including your signature is another way to get noticed and serves as a nice back link http://www.warriorforum.com/ - best forum around for all sorts of marketing tips http://www.instantbuzz.com/ And then obviously having a top listing in Google you look at thousands of hits per day if not even more – Tip: since it is getting more difficult to reach a high position on popular keywords due to the growth of the Internet is to target what they call long tail or related keywords, won’t bring in so much traffic but your chances are much better to even gain a no1 position. I’m Afrikaans speaking bilingual though and there is little to no compitition in Google for I would say quite popular search terms, could be the same with other languages. However in English there is thousands of related words one can target making it easier to get traffic.
  18. 18. Making Money From Your Website Various ways when you’re generating a lot of traffic Selling your professional services like doctors, lawyers, book keepers, my book keeper has picked up quite a large contract with chinese people from the site I did for him Selling cars, aeroplanes, ships, boats, clothing, just about any thing, my son in law has a car site and doing quite well Then for the average person is to run a affiliate site selling other peoples products for a commission, like me having a casino affiliate business paying 40% commission Alan Gardyne from associateprograms.com been making a comfortable living from affiliate programs I only run a casino site because the commission is the best for the same amount of work My Casino Blog Site
  19. 19. End Of My Story Well there you have it my 20 years internet marketing experience what I have learned and employed all of it in the past as well as today without running a newsletter now, will fire up one soon again However if you think it to be a lot of work are you right, nothing comes easy in life but best is you’re not limited in terms of how big you can build your business and for cheap The world is s a big place lots of room for every body to make it online Dr. Ken Evoy from sitesell.com has put together a full marketing package to make life easier and his customers are doing quite well I noticed People I follow these days are Kim Roach, Brian Clark, Amy Lynn Andrews, Ana Hoffman, Daren Rowse, Steve Pavlina, leaned a lot from them in terms of marketing and copy writing Best of luck Herman Dreyer Email: dreyerherman123@gmail.com My Blogspot Marketing Blog – blogger.com is part of Google and for free