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IMC wk4 swindler


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IMC wk4 swindler

  1. 1. “Reaching Out” T1Visions Media Campaign Integrated Marketing Initiative Andrew Swindler
  2. 2. Integrated Marketing Initiative • Planned Initiative • Create brand awareness for T1Visions • Revamp and properly deploy a Social Media campaign • Increase market share and sales • Launch Redesigned T1Visions Site • Deploy new print materials (Product Guides, Brochures)
  3. 3. Current Situation • 50% growth annually, in sales and revenue • Located in Charlotte, NC • • 30-50 Employees • Become market leader of large format multi-user touchscreen solutions. Continue growth, capture larger market share
  4. 4. Buyer Persona Name: Steve Smith Age: 48 Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Location: Atlanta, Georgia Income Level: Above $80,000 annually Education Level: Post-Graduate Level Position: Regional Marketing Director Primary Communication: Email, Phone, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Commonly Used Phrases: “Think outside the box”, “dig deeper”, “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome”.
  5. 5. Primary Markets Target Customers Permanent Retail Trade Show Retail Corporation Hospitality >10 to <1000 per brand Exhibit & Event Fortune 1000 Companies Luxury & Full Service Hotel, Semi-Casual >10 but <100
  6. 6. Secondary Markets Target Customers Financial Services Museums Education Sports Healthcare Financial Institutes Banks, Credit Union, etc Exploratory Higher Education Major League & Universities Hospitals, Clinical & Non-Clinical
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis Manufacturer Description T1Visions Price Std software templates & custom apps Connection to external devices (wired & wireless) Content and UI Design Custom Software/Mul titouch large Format Display ELO, 3M, Touch Revolution, Christie End-to-End Solution Multitouch, Multiuser, Multiapp Multitouch hardware suppliers General purpose Lenovo, computer/mo Samsung, HP, bile device Apple with multitouch Bluescape, Custom Multi-taction, Software/Mul Ideum, Multi- titouch large touch, Format Polytouch Display Four Winds, Monster Media, Graphic Weak Reality Eng, centric design Blue firms Telescope, Room for improvement Strong
  8. 8. Media Plan • • Analyze Competitor Social Media Output • Work with new Marketing Coordinator to revamp T1Visions Social Media output, tap into all available analytics to measure results. • Work with sales team to track and monitor sales generated from social media Launch a Social Media survey via T1Products, this will get into the hands of T1’s users
  9. 9. Press Press Releases Media Outlets FaceBook Media Flow Online FaceBook Twitter YouTube Instagram Media Outlets Print In Person Press Releases Media Outlets Product Guides Brochures TradeShows Press Functions Product Guides Brochures
  10. 10. Media Schedule QTR 4 - FY13 QTR 1 - FY14 Launch Redesigned Website Attend RetailRamp Chicago New Print Materials Launch T1V Instagram Attend NRF 2014 (JAN) Release New Product Videos Continue Social Media Blitz QTR 2 - FY14 QTR 3 - FY14 Attend NRA 2014 (MAY) Release New Trade Show Promo Videos Continue Social Media Blitz Continue Social Media Blitz
  11. 11. Media Budget Print Product Guides Brochures $8,500 Online AdWords Other $4,500 RetailRamp(Q4) NRF(Q1) TradeShow NRA(Q2) $50,000 Total Budget: $63,000