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  • Doug Bowman. 41 shades of blue thanks for Melissa Meyer.
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  • Quote: “AOL relizes that they are no longer the center of the universe” … and “embrace of other gravitational forces on the Web”
  • M. Sanders Presentation

    1. Consumer Web Design<br />Or:How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ambiguity<br />
    2. Five questions you may have asked yourselves…<br />
    3. Web design is a mature, commodity industry. <br />This isn’t 1994. Why address it?<br />
    4. Let me guess, I should be on Twitter? Oprah already told me that.<br />
    5. There are as many failures in integrating social media to corporate websites as there are successes. What’s the business case?<br />
    6. Social media is PR’s job, not the company website’s, right?<br />
    7. Are you going to name drop a bunch in this presentation?<br />
    8. Cosmetic<br />
    9. Structural<br />
    10. Semantic<br />
    11. Design by metaphor<br />
    12. μεταφορά<br />
    13. Lets look at some designs.<br />Which one is better?<br />
    14. A<br />Page<br />
    15. B<br />Page<br />
    16. C<br />Page<br />
    17. Results?<br />
    18. “Data eventually becomes a crutch for every decision, paralyzing the company and preventing it from making any daring design decisions,”<br />
    19. Searchability<br />
    20. Second only to email, the most popular activity for U.S. Internet users is search—an estimated 40% of them are using the Web to make product or service purchases.<br />
    21. Consumers are five times more likely to purchase products or services after finding a web site through a search engine than through a banner advertisement.<br />
    22. Over half of all Internet users never go past the first two pages of search results.<br />
    23. Tim O’Reilly<br />
    24. Tim O’Reilly<br />
    25. Since the mid-1990s, companies and organizations have focused exclusively on driving traffic to their Web sites. Now, many are recognizing that their properties are no longer the center of gravity. Instead, they are beginning to understand that it&apos;s equally important to monitor and elevate the credible content about them on other sites<br />Steve Rubel<br />Director Of Insights, <br />Edelman<br />
    26. 111<br />http://www.marketingcharts.com/interactive/average-american-surfed-2554-pages-in-march-8743/<br />
    27. 56<br />http://www.marketingcharts.com/interactive/average-american-surfed-2554-pages-in-march-8743/<br />
    28. The news is still big. <br />It&apos;s the newspapers that got small.<br />Roger Ebert, November 26, 2008http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2008/11/death_to_film_critics_long_liv.html<br />
    29. We need to stop thinking about the future of publishing and think instead about the future of reading.<br />Clive Thompson, <br />Wired Magazine, 05.22.09<br />
    30. TV isn’t TV anymore. <br />It’s just the largest screen in the house<br />Fred Wilson, May 25 2009<br />http://fredwilson.vc/post/112915654/tv-isnt-tv-anymore-its-just-the-largest-screen<br />
    31. Summary<br />
    32. Is all this inevitable?<br />
    33. New improvements are over valued in the short term and under valued in the long term<br />
    34. Search will be a seen as a method of user interface <br />
    35. The greater your reach and frequency for a qualified audience the more effective you will be<br />
    36. Step 1:<br />
    37. Step 1: Talk to Eric<br />
    38. Mark SandersDirector of Interactive Services and Digital Strategymsanders@g2.comtwitter.com/msanders<br />