Day 2 VoiceThread Training


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Training teachers on how to use VoiceThread in their classrooms (Day 2 of 2)

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Day 2 VoiceThread Training

  1. 1. VoiceThread Discussion for the 21st Century Day 2: Sharing, Publishing and Setting up Accounts
  2. 2. Planning the Experience Most Important Word Read your assigned passage and sum it up in one or two words. You may use a word from the passage or come up with a different one. Be ready to explain your choice
  3. 3. Sharing
  4. 4. Types of Sharing 1. With an Individual a. Select the “Parkway School District” organization b. Search for the person’s name 2. With a Group a. Create a group by clicking the “New +” Button b. Drag members of “Parkway School District” into your group
  5. 5. Types of Sharing 3. With a Class a. Create a class Group OR b. Embed the VT on your website or in your Moodle Couse
  6. 6. Publishing
  7. 7. The Buttons 1. Playback options a. Sets the way your VT acts when students arrive b. Determines how much of your VT someone else can share 2. Export a. Creates a copy of your VT that you can access offline b. In order to get one of these, contact your TIS 3. Embed a. Gives you a section of code you can copy and paste b. Students can embed into an Online Text assignment in Moodle for easier assessment
  8. 8. The Buttons 4. Publish a. View Anyone can view this VoiceThread (no login needed) b. Comment Anyone can contribute (no login needed) c. Moderate VT creator approves all comments (Required for all public VTs) This is the ONLY option students have in their view d. Browse Anyone can see it (no login needed) Published on the front page of the site
  9. 9. Scenarios 1. I want only students to view and participate a. Share with student or class groups b. Embed on a website or Moodle course, students sign in to see 2. I want to allow others to view, but only students may participate a. Scenario 1 above, plus b. Check the ‘View’ box in the “Publish” area 3. I would like to invite parents or a cooperating class to participate a. Scenario 1 and 2, plus b. Check the ‘Comment’ and ‘Moderate’ box in the “Publish” area
  10. 10. Student Experience
  11. 11. Ways to Participate 1. Log in to a specific Voicethread a. Post your VT to a website or Moodle course b. Send students to the link (a URL-shortening service might be helpful) 2. Access discussion through the MyVoice page a. Students log in to and find your discussion in the “Shared with Me” section b. They click on the discussion and leave their comments 3. Create a VoiceThread (See Student Instructions) a. Students log in to and create a VT through the “Create” Tab b. Students then share their VTs with their teacher by searching the Parkway School District organization and adding
  12. 12. Additional Resources • VoiceThread for Educators Group on Classroom 2.0 • VoiceThread4Education Wiki