From Art to Digital Innovation - FutureEverything


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Talk on art and digital innovation, and how art organisations can become active in this area, with a focus on FutureEverything.

Presented at the Digital Creativity Conference organised by British Council (Tokyo, 12-13 Feb 2011)

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From Art to Digital Innovation - FutureEverything

  1. 1. Drew HemmentFutureEverything - http://futureeverything.orgImaginationLancaster - @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanctag: #futr
  2. 2. Art & Digital InnovationHow did FutureEverything growfrom art to digital innovation? ➧ ? twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  3. 3. FutureEverything FestivalBringing the future into the present. Established 1995.twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanctag: #futr
  4. 4. FutureEverything AwardCelebrating the creative imagination that will shape our futuretwitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanctag: #futr
  5. 5. FutureEverything LabsDigital Innovation: prototyping the future through art & innovation -twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanctag: #futr
  6. 6. ImaginationLancasterA creative reseach lab spanningdesign, management & computing.Lancaster University
  7. 7. The FutureEverything FestivalCultural Tourism• 50,000 audience• 300 artists• 40 venues• 15% of delegates from outside UK• 660,000 online visitors
  8. 8. Award WinningWon awards from arts, technology and business• Winner, Lever Prize 2010• Big Chip International Award for Innovation 2010• Shortlisted, Arts & Business Award 2010• Runner Up, Lever Prize 2009• Honorary Mention, Prix Ars Electronica 2008
  9. 9. Artistic and curatorial debatesInfluencing understandings of media artand digital culture.
  10. 10. Innovation in artistic mediaFor 17 years, FutureEverything has explored newartforms, new kinds of art object, unimaginedforms of dissemination, wholly differentconfigurations of art, artist and audience, newopportunities for audience experience, andpreviously unseen forms of content creation in aconnected world.
  11. 11. Locative ArtsMobile Connections, 2003-5New ways of seeing, sensingand representingRadar, sonar, GPS, WiFi,Bluetooth, cellular, GIS, etcSeeking an art of mobilecommunications:Are there any forms of expressionthat are intrinsic or unique to mobileand wireless media?
  12. 12. Digital InnovationDigital Innovation is the successful implementationof new ideas exploiting the technical, cultural andcommercial possibilities of digital technology. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  13. 13. Environment 2.0
  14. 14. GloNet with British CouncilGlobal festival of art, music & ideas
  15. 15. Past FutureEverything LabsOpen Data Cities (2009-11) Low Grade (2005)New Mobilities (2009-11) Mobile Connections (2003-5)Distant Collaboration (2009-10) FutureDJ (2004)The City Experiment (2010) Turntable Re:mix (2004)Environment 2.0 (2006-9) Migrations (2002-3)Social Networking Unplugged Blacktronica (2002)(2007-8) Sensurround (2001-2)Art For Shopping Centres (2007) BrokenChannel (2001)Futurevisual (2007) Audiovisions (2000)Off The Map (2006) SenseSonic (1999)Instrument (2006) The first Futuresonic (1996)
  16. 16. The City Debate
  17. 17. Art & Digital InnovationHow did FutureEverything growfrom art to digital innovation? ➧ ? twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  18. 18. Japan & Media ArtIn Japan media art includes Japanese videogame culture, manga, and anime.Device Art twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  19. 19. Toshio Iwai & Yamaha, TENORI-ONWorld-wide launch in UK following Futuresonic
  20. 20. Europe & Media ArtIn Europe, the media art tradition emerged outof video art, and explores relations between art,society and technology.Art & Activism twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  21. 21. From Media Art to Digital InnovationFor FutureEverything, a focus on digital innovationevolved organically from a focus on social activismin our artistic programmes. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  22. 22. Digital InnovationDeveloping into a national framework for art and digitalinnovation, at the heart of the UKʼs innovation ecology. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  23. 23. Elegant PartnershipsPioneered a new relationship for a festival with itspartners and host city ("elegant partnerships") twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  24. 24. Intermediary and ideas catalystAn intermediary between the public, policymakers,industry and practitioners including grassrootscommunities of developers and users. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  25. 25. Community is kingCommunity is king, so build up your social capital, getconnected, and let new smart ecosystems evolve. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  26. 26. Open sourcing the festivalShift from curating and producing art in a conventionalway to developing and distributing kits and platforms. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  27. 27. Routes to impactCan we focus on impact and artist meritat the same time? twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  28. 28. New creative ideas and inspirations• Art and urban interface• Art and open data• Prototypes as art• Living labs as curatorial method twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  29. 29. Open Data Arts
  30. 30. OurCityEnable thousands of people to have their voiceheard and to shape the future of their city.
  31. 31. Olympics 2012 Data Visualisation
  32. 32. But is it Art?Intense experimentation outwith art.It is both outside traditional art, and it istaking art outside of itself, on a voyage.Postpone the question is this art, whilewe wait for art to catch up. twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  33. 33. What are the challenges?What are the new opportunities challengescreated by digital technologies, for art practice,and art institutions? twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  34. 34. What are the challenges?Not one size fits all - digital innovation is not rightfor everyoneUneasy relation with the art worldPreserving artistic autonomyAgility, speed of change, breaking silo-thinkingNew models of training and evaluationChallenging cherished concepts and institutions twitter: @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc tag: #futr
  35. 35. A collaborative project, join us!