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Talk on Open Data Cities and DataGM through the medium of gazpacho, also reflecting on the cucumber crisis and the Spanish Revolution of 2011.

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Eat Data - Visualizar11 Talk

  1. 1. eat data(its good for you)
  2. 2. Spanish Revolution 2011Photo VeganWarrior (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  3. 3. The internet is not a thing, so muchas an agreement about how manythings should communicate withone another - Rob Holmes
  4. 4. Gazpacho is not a thing, so much asa set of cultural relations betweenthings (tomato, pepper, cucumber,garlic, bread) - José Luis de Vicente
  5. 5. OpenData and the CityOpenData Cities
  6. 6. To introduce a new infrastructureyou need to address the entireecosystem.
  7. 7. Creating an environment for change
  8. 8. FutureEverything Festival
  9. 9. The FutureEverything AwardBringing the future into the present.
  10. 10. The Data Dimension
  11. 11. OurTravelTransport information sharing creating socialtransport communities.
  12. 12. OurCityEnable thousands of people to have their voiceheard and to shape the future of their city.
  13. 13. Networking the WorldOlympics Data Visualisation Artwork**Under construction**
  14. 14. OpenData and the CityOpenData Cities
  15. 15. Explore the connections betweenpeople, emerging technologies andpossible futures.
  16. 16. Social change
  17. 17. Spanish Revolution 2011Photo VeganWarrior (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  18. 18. Spanish Revolution 2011Photo Xugardust (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  19. 19. Spanish Revolution 2011Photo VeganWarrior (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  20. 20. infrastructure ispolitical
  21. 21. Digital cultureFutureEverything (formerly Futuresonic)was established in 1995 as a platformfor digital art and culture.
  22. 22. Julian Priest, circa 1990
  23. 23. Julian Priest, circa 1990
  24. 24. Julian Priest, circa 1990
  25. 25. Julian Priest, circa 1990
  26. 26. Julian Priest, circa 1990
  27. 27. Locative Media:The return of the “Here”
  28. 28. Locative ArtsOr, art by the geospatially uninhibitedNew ways of seeing, sensingand representingRadar, sonar, GPS, WiFi,Bluetooth, cellular, GIS, etcSeeking an art of mobilecommunications:Are there any forms of expressionthat are intrinsic or unique to mobileand wireless media?
  29. 29. •We are all being mapped,•all of the time•The devices we carry leave traces of our movements
  30. 30. Loca: Set To Discoverable (2004-6)Loca consists of a small network inside each node is a Bluetooth device, encased in concrete for use in theof nodes... made of readily available components, urban environment.The nodes are deployed in public spaces.
  31. 31. infrastructure ispolitical
  32. 32. Facebook and Facial Recognition
  33. 33. GRL - Graffiti Research Lab
  34. 34. Aaron Koblin and Takashi KawashimaTen Thousand Cents10,000 individuals working in isolation from oneanother paint a tiny part of a $100 bill.
  35. 35. Anonymous
  36. 36. OpenData and the CityOpenData Cities
  37. 37. Methods(are for geeks)
  38. 38. Festival As Lab MethodFrom activism and interactive artsto social and digital innovation.
  39. 39. FutureEverything: Festival As LabFestivals can be agile RND environments for real-worldrapid prototyping, open innovation and user-led design.A city-wide festival can transform a city into aplayspace by enabling artists and designersto play with the DNA of a city.
  40. 40. FutureEverything Innovation LabsBringing the future into the present.Year-round innovation labs, lasting between 9-36months, each looking at a specific theme, feeding inand out of the festival, which acts as a living lab.
  41. 41. Past FutureEverything Arts (2010-11) Low Grade (2005)Open Data Cities (2009-11) Mobile Connections (2003-5)Distant Collaboration (2009-10) FutureDJ (2004)The City Experiment (2010) Turntable Re:mix (2004)Environment 2.0 (2006-9) Migrations (2002-3)Social Networking Unplugged Blacktronica (2002)(2007-8) Sensurround (2001-2)Art For Shopping Centres (2007) BrokenChannel (2001)Futurevisual (2007) Audiovisions (2000)Off The Map (2006) SenseSonic (1999)Instrument (2006) The first Futuresonic (1996)
  42. 42. The FutureEverything CommunityGlobal Network.A destination for a world-wide community ofartists, technologists and future-thinkers.
  43. 43. Research PlatformFutureEverything (formerly Futuresonic) part ofLancaster Universitys successful RAE2008.Member of the European Network of Living Labs(ENoLL).
  44. 44. FutureEverything & ManchesterFutureEverything has a close relationship with its hostcity, Greater Manchester in England.It is an intermediary operating at the meeting pointbetween the public, practitioners and policy makers.
  45. 45. Digital InnovationDeveloping into a national framework for art and digitalinnovation, at the heart of the UKʼs innovation ecology.
  46. 46. Elegant PartnershipsPioneered a new relationship for a festival with itspartners and host city ("elegant partnerships")
  47. 47. Intermediary and ideas catalystAn intermediary between the public, policymakers,industry and practitioners including grassrootscommunities of developers and users.
  48. 48. Community is kingCommunity is king, so build up your social capital, getconnected, and let new smart ecosystems evolve.
  49. 49. Open sourcing the festivalShift from curating and producing art in a conventionalway to developing and distributing kits and platforms.
  50. 50. Routes to impactCreating sustainable relationships and positivechange in society and the arts? Can we focuson impact and artist merit at the same time?
  51. 51. PastInnovationLabs
  52. 52. Mobile Connections(2003-5)
  53. 53. Off The Map (2006)
  54. 54. Urban Interface - Hacking Cities
  55. 55. Mediashed The Duellists (2007) View film
  56. 56. Social Networking Unplugged (2007-8)
  57. 57. Environment 2.0 (2006-9)
  58. 58. Environment 2.0Social sensing andparticipatory massobservation of localenvironment andclimate.
  59. 59. One billion eyes"A populace so knowing and capable thatall problems get noticed and addressed,quickly, by a billion eyes."- David Brin
  60. 60. Climate BubblesA playful, participatoryproject in which bubbleblowing games enablepeople across the cityof Manchester to test airflow circulation, and bysharing the resultsonline, enable the MetOffice to get a snapshotthe Urban Heat IslandphenomenonDrew Hemment, CarloBuontempo, Alfie Dennen
  61. 61. Distant Collaboration (2009-10)Exploring new ways to be globally connected,and the potential for artworks involving remotecollaboration.
  62. 62. Globally Networked Event (GloNet)Developing a new type of global event taking us tonew corners of the globe and reducing air travel.Shifting from a single city event, to one takingplace simultaneously at venues around the globe.
  63. 63. The City Experiment (2010)Serendipity City Challenge
  64. 64. The City Debate
  65. 65. OpenData and the CityOpenData Cities
  66. 66. Unique opportunity in GMPartnership with Trafford CouncilCurate an environment for changeDeliver the opennessBuild the ecosystem for the city
  67. 67. Raw Data Now (just make it open)Not about Five Star DataGTFS (Google/General Transit FeedSpecification)DataGM to be based upon a CKANsystem (a catalogue that points to datarather than hosting it, same system
  68. 68. Grow the community and SROIRealtime specification for GTFSLoad balanced cloud platforms
  69. 69. Build a city API and SDK - creatingstandardised civic data acrossEuropean cities
  70. 70. Internet of Things - move to createsmall scale mesh networks withhyperconnectivity
  71. 71. Citizen generated data - We believethat it is essential for citizens to takeownership of data, to create and alsocontextualise
  72. 72. Spanish Revolution 2011Photo VeganWarrior (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)
  73. 73. eat data(its good for you)
  74. 74. Drew Hemment FutureEverything &ImaginationLancaster @toodrew @FuturEverything @ImaginationLanc #futr