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Welcome to the Drupal


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This session is for people who are relatively new to Drupal and would like an orientation (or refresher) on the concepts, jargon and community involved in learning Drupal.

We’ll introduce All the Big Things at a basic level. Attendees will come away familiar with the Drupal landscape and with recommendations for specific sessions to attend to dive deeper into key concepts and particular topics.

Topics specifically covered include:
Drupal from 50,000 Feet
Drupal's Worldview
Drupal's Terminology (Content types, Nodes, Views, Modules, Blocks, etc.)
Brief Orientation to Drupal Core
Brief Orientation to Drupal Add-ons (Modules, Themes, etc.)
Common Workflows for Site Builders and Editors
Brief Orientation to the Drupal Community
Getting Help with Drupal
There will also be lots of time for Questions and Answers!

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Welcome to the Drupal

  1. 1. Welcome to the Drupal Everything You Need to Know to Be Dangerous
  2. 2. Overview Drupal from 50,000 Feet Worldview Terminology Drupal Core Drupal Add-ons Common Workflows Drupal Community Getting Help Your Questions!
  3. 3. Drew Gorton Drupal: No! ➛ Maybe? ➛ Absolutely! @dgorton /
  4. 4. Drupal from 50,000 Feet • Open Source Web Content Management System • Silly Internet Name – ➛ ➛ Druppel ➛ Drupal • Widely Adopted – NBC,, White House, United Nations, Stanford, Oxford, Harvard, Louvre, Grammies, Billboard, Economist, Pfizer, Martha Stewart, Mental Floss + many, many more! – UMN, The Story, Edina Public Schools, Rhianna, Psychology Today, Basilica of Saint Mary… • Huge Market – Jobs & Hiring
  5. 5. Worldview • Content not Pages – Page + RSS + List + Calendar view + … – National Public Radio “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” (COPE) • Structure before Presentation • Get it working. Then make it look nice. • Building Blocks not Features – Don’t install a feature (Photo Gallery, Calendar, Map, Blog…). Assemble the pieces. Recipes. • Flexibility • Yay! (It will do it) • Boo! (I just want that feature)
  6. 6. Terminology • Content Types: The kinds of things on your website. Proper Nouns. – Blog Posts, Events, Pages, Articles, Products… – • Fields: Individual bits describing a content type – Text, Image, Date, Select List, Link, Embed, Reference… • Taxonomy: categorization of content – News, Politics… • Node: Basic content item and all of it’s info – A Story, A Blog Post… • View: Collection of things (like Nodes) – • Theme: Color palette, layout, user experience – What makes the site look right • Module – Image resizing, SEO friendly URLs, • Block: Ancillary stuff – Ads, More Like This, Newsletter signup, Shopping cart, Social Sharing • More at
  7. 7. Drupal Core
  8. 8. Drupal Add-Ons • Modules, Themes, Distributions • • Community Contributed • modules-50-minutes
  9. 9. Common Workflows Building? PLAN FIRST! Designing? Editing, Owning? Just Edit. (And learn how it’s been put together. It WILL help.)
  10. 10. Drupal Community • Come for the software, stay for the community – 1,088,592 people in 230 countries speaking 181 languages power Drupal. • In Internet Space! – Twitter: #drupal, – IRC: – Newsletters: Weekly Drop, Lullabot, … – Podcasts: Drupal Easy, Modules Unraveled, Drupalize.Me, Acquia, – Blogs: – Contribute: try something! • In Physical Space! – Meetups: – Camps – DrupalCon - NA, Europe, OZ, – Sprints
  11. 11. Getting Help • Ask someone you trust (someone here!) • Google •
  12. 12. Questions!