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Different Types of Damage I Handle


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Different types of damage I regularly encounter and handle.

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Different Types of Damage I Handle

  1. 1. Andrew Carey Barnard Jr. Public Adjuster Homeowner & Commercial Loss Consultant
  2. 2. Burst pressure line caused massive water damage in garage
  3. 3. Text Text House destroyed by fire - Total Loss - Policy limit paid
  4. 4. I also handle theft/burglary and vandalism damages. Make sure to file a police report as soon as possible and I will be there to take care of the stress and tedious work of your insurance claim so you don’t have to.
  5. 5. If there is a broken drain line underneath your floor, a plumber will have to break through to be able to fix the damages. These common plumbing problems are a big inconvenience and I make sure to maximize your settlement to make sure that your are adequately paid for repairs and replacement.
  6. 6. Pool enclosures and screens are easily damaged by wind. We make sure that you are paid full market prices for materials and professional labor to replace all of your damages
  7. 7. Strong winds can easily rip off barrel roof tiles or shingles. Insurance companies owe to replace the damaged tiles as well as the remaining tiles to make sure the roof is continuously matched
  8. 8. Small water stains on the ceiling are an indication of a roof leak which can potentially lead to bigger problems if not fixed properly
  9. 9. Even minor smoke damage from a small kitchen fire or electrical fire can be a big deal and insurance companies owe for much more than you may think.
  10. 10. House Fire. I specialize in fire losses. I maximize insurance settlements not only for damage to your house, but I also specialize in Contents Loss and evaluation as well as Additional Living Expenses (ALE) while you are displaced from your home.
  11. 11. Hurricane Ivan. I can re-open old hurricane claims and maximize the insurance settlement - It’s never too late