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Insight, Strategy & InnovationThe Insight, Strategy & Innovation team at Major Players recruits for all of the aforementio...
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Major players isi intro


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Major players isi intro

  1. 1. Insight, Strategy & InnovationThe Insight, Strategy & Innovation team at Major Players recruits for all of the aforementioned areas inclusive of Market Research (Qualitative & Quantitative), Analytics (on &offline), Planning and Branding.The ISI team (for short!) was founded a couple of years ago to really increase our existing (and established) Research & Insight offering and to service the creative industriesnext big thing ‘INNOVATION’.We are one of the leading agencies in the field and have a very well developed network that has been built for the last 15 years across a recruitment offering for bothagencies and brands. This experience has allowed us to build strong relationships and enabled us to grow our visibility internationally. We take everything into considerationwhen recruiting for a role - experience, cultural fit, character, goals - to make sure we hit the brief perfectly every time.As one of the few agencies that can provide permanent, contract and freelance recruitment services, we are very quick to react and have a well-developed process andconsultative approach to finding the best talent. Who is Major Players..? o Founded by Jack Gratton, CEO, in 1994 with a vision that a recruitment agency should be honest, ethical and do more than just fill jobs o We provide freelance and permanent personnel, from graduates to senior directors, for both agencies and brands o Leading creative and marketing recruitment for over 20 years Introducing the ISI team: o Over 60 specialist recruitment consultants based in Covent Garden Drew Welton, Head of Insight, Strategy & Innovation o Award-winning: MARA Awards Recruitment Agency of the year 2010 and 2011 Jordan Smith, Consultant - Insight, Strategy & Innovation o Specialises in Qualitative & Quantitative Research What else do you get from us? Jesse Fogarty, Consultant - Insight, Strategy & Innovation o Specialises in Insight, Business Intelligence & Analytics o Insight and News plus Market Intelligence and Salary Surveys Supporting expertise o Our accounts team handles all Freelance Payroll o Jimmy Ingram, Head of Marketing to save you time and effort - get in touch for more o Dominic Quantrill, Head of Search information on this. o Ann Sharman, Head of Design o As we meet all candidates that we represent we o Nish Lad, Head of Planning also check working rights, take references, and provide HR services. o With offices in Covent Garden, you can also use our meeting rooms to meet candidates - we have 12 for you to pick from (many of which were used by Lord Sugar himself for the 2012 BBC Apprentice!)