Social business and online community management


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Why is it important to align social media
and business goals?
Because Social Media is the basis for an inevitable cultural shift.

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  • Social media is something that I am involved with both personally and professionally.Linking Social Media and Business strategy is something that I could speak about for a lot longer than just 45 minutes.Honestly, this could be a full semester class, so I have had to do a lot of editing, and keep this to a reasonable amount of time.I actually some friends/colleagues for suggestions about how to edit this…one of the best suggestions that I had was instead of using slides, to just send each of you a series of tweets.Now, that would certainly be an example of “practicing what I preach”, but I won’t be doing that, as I think that going beyond 140 characters at time is going to be helpful to all of us.And before I go on, I just want to get a little feedback about where you all are coming from.So that I can try and tailor this discussion to what it is that you want to learn.What is it that appealed to anyone about this class?
  • OK great, thank you all.So to get us started, let’s have a quick pop quiz.So which of these items do you feel describes social media?Are there perhaps some other descriptions that I’m missing?
  • Perhaps that was a bit of trick question, but social media is all of those things…and more.
  • Why is it important to align social media and business goals? Because it is inevitable. I think that this quote that I have borrowed from the video that we about to watch does a great job of summing up the importance of social media, and how it needs to be aligned with the rest of your business strategy.
  • Thoughts or Comments On the Video? Here are a few logos to perhaps remind you of something that you saw.What stood out to you? Any particular statistic?Great.Lots of great ideas.Now to take all of that passion and knowledge about social media fit it in to a business context.
  • Most people really underestimate the power of the content they are sharing. This is what’s going to get you noticed; provide a reason for people to engage and keep them coming back for more. If you are a well-known brand like Starbucks, or Apple, or Honda. Those guys could put up anything and people would probably follow them. But still these brands know the importance of producing great content to not only initiate engagement, but also keep people coming back time and again.So what should the content be?There are blog posts, photos, status updates, videos and links to other people’s content. But before you start sending stuff out, you have to decide what content is going to resonate with your audience best.What is right for Starbuck or Apple might not be right for Honda or Kenneth Cole.There is no one size fits all solution (and beware of any person or book who says that there is).The answer is to do some research, test the waters and keep refining your content until you find what works.If you give nothing. You will get nothing.If you give something that is a bit off target, you’ll get feedback that will help you with future content.And you MUST MUSTMUST track and measure what you are doing. Return on Investment (ROI) is something that is critical to any business.
  • How many of you have posted comments about a product or brand? Show of hands?When you want to buy something, like a book or some music, or maybe a new DVD player…how many of you read reviews?If you take the New York Times best sellers and look up those books on, there are over 100 reviews for each of them.If you are familiar with the books “The Girl Who Played with Fire” and the rest of that series…there are well over 1,000 reviews for each of those books just on are hundreds and thousands of comments about a product that the manufacturer has no control over.The more popular songs and albums on iTunes have 100s and 1000s of reviews as well.15 years ago, if you wanted to know about an album you listened to one song on the radio, and hoped that a friend had it to listen to, or else you just risked you 6 bucks.15 years ago, if you wanted to know about a book, you read a review, or maybe read the first chapter while In the book store, or you read the ads, or comments on the back cover of the book.The same is true for other items, USB drives, DVD players, iPads, cell phones, etc.15 years ago, publishers had control of this message. Today they don’t. And that causes some companies to FREAK out.
  • How many of you have shopped at Sears lately?How many of you have bought something from Zappos or lately?Why?It’s the same shoes. Why do you buy from Zappos or Amazon, instead of places like Sears or Borders, etc?
  • Transparency creates trust which drives influence, engagement, and relationships.  People and organizations must earn trust through their actions across their relationships.  Trust can be expended to gain influence, create engagement, and foster relationships.  Trust can be taken away through lack of credibility, bad behaviour, and dishonesty.
  • Social Media is a cultural shift. Social Business is a MAJOR cultural shift.The lack of control that I mentioned before is something that is very scary to a lot companies.They may have been successful doing things one way…and now a company like Zappos comes along and causes them to change everything.People are reluctant to change what has worked in the past, even in the light of visionary evidence.In some place and companies that is definitely ‘anti-social’ attitude.But control of the message has been lost, brands cannot get it back. Those who will succeed are those who can best equip their fans/customers/advocates to spread the message on their behalf.Peer to Peer is result.B2C and B2B are dying, because you can no longer force-fit individuals in boxes.
  • A business needs a community and a community needs a manager.One thing that social media has taught us is that people can be very passionate about a lot of things…if you let them.Oreo cookies has almost 18 MILLION followers on Facebook.Oreo cookies.18 million.I like Oreos, but that is one social media stat that still shocks me.People are going to come together, and they are going to talk. A brand needs to enable this community to grow, and spread, and succeed.  Communities provide the means to amplify messages.  As a community manager, it is your job to ensure that social media is used to its’ best potential so that it may can harness all of these benefits and have effects across all of the parts of a company or organization. You must EARN the trust of you community.Thanks to Marcus Nelson and other friends for some suggestions about the traits of a Community Manager.
  • Externally social media amplifies how you relate with others, but inside a company social media also touches every department.Market ResearchCase StudiesWord of MouthCustomer Testimonials New Product IdeasFeature RequestsFeedbackTestingUser TrainingCustomer ExpectationUser Self-SufficiencyUsers helping other usersValidation
  • While you fill out that survey, here are a few very helpful references if you would like to learn more about Social Media.There are tons of other people that I would recommend following, but these are the four that seem to be at the top of my mind, right now.You’ll note that Brian Solis and Erik Qualman have books….both of which I highly recommend.Since Erik Qualman was kind enough to give me permission to show his video here, I picked up a few copies of his book.I am going to give out one as a prize in each class. Perhaps I should have just gotten a download code for the Kindle eBook to give you, but I don’t think we’ve quite reached that point…yet, but soon.The prize will go to whomever can tell me, what percentage of consumers trust peer recommendations:78%
  • Social business and online community management

    1. 1. Social Business andOnline Community ManagementDrew JordanCommunity ManagerStanford Splash4/16/2011<br />
    2. 2. About Drew Jordan<br />Social Media/Community Manager<br />Passionate about social media, personally and professionally.<br />Talk with me on Twitter @ProductDrew<br />Community is the Key blog:<br /><br />
    3. 3. Pop<br />Quiz<br />Social Media Is:<br />A. Impactful across an organization <br />B. A growing industry<br />C. Misunderstood by many companies<br />D. About more than chatting <br />E. Difficult to do ‘right’<br />
    4. 4. The answer is:<br />Y E S<br />Social Media is all of these things (and more)<br />
    5. 5. Why is it important to align <br />social media <br />and <br />business goals?<br />Social Media is the basis for an inevitable cultural shift<br />Watch the following video…<br />
    6. 6. Social Media Revolution Video by Erik Qualman<br /><br />
    7. 7. Did any of those fact surprise you?<br />Which statistics STOOD OUT to you?<br />
    8. 8. The successfulimplementation of<br />Social Media in business<br />MUST have a relevant, good content<br />MUST have a plan with goals and measurable objectives. <br />Getting 10,000 people to follow you<br />on is not a STRATEGY<br />
    9. 9. Who Has CONTROL?<br />A typical popular book has 100s of reviews on<br />A typical popular song has 1,000s of reviews on<br />
    10. 10. Newspaper ads <br />One-way communication<br />Synthetic growth<br />Compete on price/features<br />Word of mouth<br />Two-way communication<br />Organic growth<br />Win on relationships<br />
    11. 11. TRANSPARENCY<br />IS THE NEW<br />CURRENCY<br />
    13. 13. A Business Needs a Community. <br />A Community Needs a Manager.<br />Traits of Community Manager<br />Be self-aware <br />Understand social dynamics <br />Know your resources<br />Internal reporting abilities<br />Have to understand the industry you're in<br />Have humor <br />Communicate very well<br />
    14. 14. Social Media affects EVERY part of a Company<br />Sales<br /> Marketing<br />Support<br />Product<br />Management<br />Customer<br />Service<br />Engineering<br />
    15. 15. In Review<br /><ul><li>Social Media is an inevitable cultural shift
    16. 16. Social Media is a cultural shift to P2P
    17. 17. Trust is more valuable than ever
    18. 18. Building a community is the goal
    19. 19. Social Media affects every part of a business</li></ul>Social Business<br />is simply<br />GOOD BUSINESS<br />
    20. 20. Thank you very much<br />Are there any questions?<br />
    21. 21. Acknowledgements<br />Thank you to Erik Qualman (@equalman) for permission to use the Socialnomics video in this presentation.<br />All trademarks, logos, and company names used in this presentation are property of their respective owners.<br />