MlM Tips - Self Talk Hog Wash Or Success Principle


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MLM Tips | Discover the truth behind the power of self talk

Self talk is one of the most powerful mlm success tips you can master. In this slide share presentation we explore what self talk is, how it affects you mlm business and why you need to start using it to achieve massive success in your multilevel marketing nusiness

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MlM Tips - Self Talk Hog Wash Or Success Principle

  1. 1. MLM Tips | Can Self Talk Really Give You Success In Your Network Marketing Business MLM Tips | What is Self-Talk I was first introduced to the principle of self-talk when I started multi-level marketing in 2002. I was recommended to read a book called “What to say when you Talk To yourself” by Shad Helmstetter. Self-talk is the internal conversations that take place in your mind. These conversations can either be positive or negative. Based on your dominant self-talk, it will determine if you become a success or failure in life. You will find people who have achieved great success think very highly of themselves and believed that they could achieve the success they now have. But, this was a direct result of their positive self-talk.
  2. 2. MLM Tips | Shad Helmstetter –What To Say When You Talk To Yourself Shad Helmstetter in his book “What to say when you talk to yourself”; Stated that 77% of all thoughts are negative. Also your self-talk is so powerful that 75% of illness is self-induced through that individuals self-talk. Your mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. It only reacts to what it is given. So if we give our brain negative programming your brain joins with you in making it a reality, and if you give your brain the right direction and it will work towards making that a reality. Your brain will believe anything that is repeated. MLM Tips – “Repetition is a convincing argument”
  3. 3. MLM Tips | Power Of The Spoken Word The most powerful tool in your arsenal to achieving success is your spoken word. For whatever you confess with your mouth and believe you will achieve. It is important to know, that you get what you speak. If you know that to be true, what will you speak that you have? Will you speak failure and poverty or will you speak success and abundance. Here are some mlm tips when performing self-talk. It is important to speak what you want in the present tense as if you already have it. Remember that your mind does not know the difference between what is perceived or what is reality, it only acts upon what it is told and believed. So, break those barriers. Believe BIG and Speak BIG and your mind will work towards achieving everything you tell it.
  4. 4. MLM Tips | Power Of Your Subconscious Mind Your sub-conscious mind is a powerful thing. It is so powerful that it controls 88% of your body’s functions. As a matter of fact the most important functions of your body are controlled by your subconscious. Can you imagine if you had to remember to breathe or blink your eyes? Most people would be dead or be suffering from chronic dry eyes. It is important to note that most activities your subconscious performs are a learned response. Your subconscious mind was designed to protect your body from danger.
  5. 5. This is where your basic instinct comes from which is known as your fight or flight response to danger or perceived danger. While this is very important in order for us to survive, your subconscious mind can work against you when you are working towards achieving success in network marketing . For example, people who are afraid to talk to strangers have been thought not talk to stranger when they were children as a form of protection, from people who may do them harm. When you become an adult, this learned response kicks in automatically when you are in an environment with people who are unknown to you.
  6. 6. As can be imagined, in the network marketing profession where your success or failure depends on how many new friends you make, this will greatly impact you in a negative way if you do not change this subconscious response. In the below mlm tips you will learn how to change your self-talk.
  7. 7. MLM Tips | How To Change Your Self-Talk Here’s the good news! You can change your subconscious programming, by changing your self-talk. To accomplish this you must first learn to identify your negative programming. With every negative programing there are first thoughts and physical conditions that tell your subconscious to take control and provide the learned response. In the following mlm tips you will learn what too look for. Learn to take notice of these thoughts and physical conditions. Next time you are in a situation that you feel uncomfortable, take notice of yourself. What is going through your mind at that specific time, does your heart rate speed up, do you start sweating, does your hair stand on edge, and does your mouth get dry. These are just a few and for everyone it may be different. The important thing is that you take notice.
  8. 8. Once you know the thoughts and physical conditions start by replacing those negative thoughts, with positive ones, speak out loud to yourself with the positive action you want to have, then done the action you need to perform. If you perform these activities every time you experience the same situation, you subconscious will learn a new response. This means your subconscious mind will start working for you and your goals instead of working against you. If you found these MLM Marketing Strategies helpful leave a comment below. Also please feel free to share MLM Marketing Techniques with any one you believe need MLM Help.
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