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MLM Tips | Discover the secrets to motivating yourself and your network marketing team to develop unstoppable momentum. In these mlm tips I will reveal proven motivational techniques you can implement starting today .

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  • Outstanding Presentation on exactly what motivation is and how to get your team moving. I love the study from the University of Rhode Island. Well done!
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MlM Tips | Motivation Your Network Marketing Fuel

  1. 1. MLM Tips | The Secret To Motivating Yourself & Your Team In Network Marketing MLM Tips | What Is Motivation Motivation is a strong desire to achieve something. In order to become successful in network marketing, you need to be motivated. I learnt this formula for motivation – NEEDS * FAITH = MOTIVATION. To become successful you must have some deep desire to achieve some things in life. It may be to become financially free, have a new home, new car or travel the world.
  2. 2. Whatever that need is, it needs to be something you are passionate about. Something worth losing sleep over to accomplish. Then you must have the FAITH/BELIEF in yourself that you can accomplish the vision you have set for your future. MLM Tips | How To Motivate Yourself In order to motivate yourself, you must first identify what your needs are. For some people it may be achieving their basic needs first if they have not already accomplished them. Such as financial security for themselves and their family, a nice home on the water front, maybe even getting on the GOOD (GET OUT OF DEBT) program, having a college fund for their kids.
  3. 3. For others, who have already achieved this, it may be giving more to the community, contributing on a greater scale and impacting their country. Then you need to develop the faith or belief that you can achieve those needs. To do this you have to become laser focused, and celebrate the small achievements. This may be doing your first presentation, selling your first product or recruiting you first partner in your mlm company. Most importantly, to keep motivated and stay motivated you must have a clear plan of daily action that moves you towards your goals.
  4. 4. MLM Tips | How to motivate others Many people have asked me this question, and the truth is you cannot directly motivate others. You see motivation comes from within. As a leader in your mlm company you can only create the environment to attract motivated people. The best method mlm leaders have found to do this is to “Go To Work”. I once heard the saying “Set yourself on fire and the world will come to watch”. So, stop worrying about how to motivate people and you do what you know you should be doing and everything will fall in place.
  5. 5. MLM Tips | Sources Of Motivation There are many different sources of motivation. And no one source is the same for every individual. Have you ever heard the statement, hot water hardens eggs but softens carrots. People are just like that. Some people may have grown up very poor in a bad family situation and as a result they repeat that process with their next generation. While someone else with the same circumstances may develop the motivation to change that for themselves and their future generations. So that they never have to go through that again. So what determines which path they take? That solely depends on the individual and their personal programming.
  6. 6. MLM Tips | Theories Of Motivation The University of Rhode Island conducted a study and the below points I think will help you in recognizing what factors motivate you. MLM Tips – Intrinsic Process Motivation Individuals primarily motivated by intrinsic process will only engage in activities which they consider fun. These individuals are often diverted from tasks that are relevant to goal attainment in order to pursue tasks which are intrinsically more enjoyable. Thus, as long as team tasks are enjoyable, these individuals will be motivated to continue working effectively in the context of the team. Since they are relatively indifferent to task and social feedback, such feedback will not serve to motivate continued performance on the part of the intrinsically motivated person.
  7. 7. MLM Tips – Instrumental Motivation Instrumental rewards are a motivating source when individuals believe that the behaviors they engage in will lead to certain outcomes such as pay, praise, etc. Rooted exchange theory, the basic assumption is that individuals and organizations constitute an exchange relationship. Expectancy and equity theories are currently accepted models of motivation based on exchange relationships.
  8. 8. MLM Tips – External Self Concept Based Motivation Self-concept motivation is externally based when the individual is primarily other-directed. In this case, the ideal self is derived by adopting the role expectations of reference groups. The individual attempts to meet the expectations of others by behaving in ways that will elicit social feedback consistent with self-perceptions. When positive task feedback is obtained, the individual finds it necessary to communicate these results to members of the reference or peer group.
  9. 9. The individual behaves in ways which satisfy reference group members, first to gain acceptance, and after achieving that, to gain status. These two needs, for acceptance and status, are similar to McClelland’s (1961) need for affiliation and need for power. The individual continually strives to earn the acceptance and status of reference group members. This status orientation usually leads to an ordinal standard of self-evaluation, that it is important for the individual to be first, best, or other indicators of superiority over others.
  10. 10. MLM Tips - Internal Self Concept-based Motivation Self-concept motivation will be internally based when the individual is primarily inner-directed. Internal self-concept motivation takes the form of the individual setting internal standards that become the basis for the ideal self. This need for achieving higher levels of competency is similar to what McClelland (1961) refers to as a high need for achievement. The motivating force for individuals who are inner-driven and motivated by their self-concept is task feedback. It is important to these individual that their efforts are vital in achieving outcomes and that their ideas and actions are instrumental in performing a job well. It is not important that others provide reinforcing feedback as is true for other-directed individuals.
  11. 11. MLM Tips – Goal Internalization Behavior is motivated by goal internalization when the individual adopts attitudes and behaviors because their content is congruent with their value system. The individual believes in the cause, and as such is willing to work towards the goals of an organization supporting this cause. If you found these MLM Strategies helpful, leave me a comment below and feel free to share these MLM Marketing Techniques with anyone you believe needs MLM Help.
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