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Datavisualisation & Stories


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My presentation about (data)visualisations during Apps for Ghent 2012. My main goal was to emphasize the force of a story and the possible abuse of data.

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Datavisualisation & Stories

  1. This is my 10-minute presentation during Apps for Ghent 2012 (dutch) www.appsforghent.beHi, ik ben Andries - @dretio
  2. Co-founder “Bits of Love”, een digitalestudio. I started showing some visualisations from our studio
  3. Some more visualisations from, a second screen for TV company.... en “Small Town Heroes”.Wij maken 2nd screens apps voor TV.
  4. Play “connecting the dots” with your children if you want them to become dataviz people ;)Connecting the dots, my first love.
  5. Reading the stats, my second. Strategy games are the perfect blend of Project Management, Statistics and Visualisations with a strategy sauce on top. That’s why I love them all.
  6. Stories, my third. These days we forget about the importance of stories and storytelling. Not the marketing lingo, but the real everyday stuff.
  7. With my limited time,I skipped some importanttopics like : crappyinfographics...Niet over ... vorm
  8. ..The rich history of visualisations..Niet over ... history
  9. ..The physical & psychoaspects aroundvisualisations..Niet over ... psychology
  10. .. and the future of dataviz. This example is located on the airport of Zürich and is awesome.Niet over ... the future of dataviz Observation Deck B
  11. But.. about using the force wisely I really want to talk about powerful visualisations by means of storytelling & knowledge of the subject.
  12. In my opinion this visualisation won gold at Malofiej12 because it uses great story mechanics.De basis van een goeie visualisatie is eenverhaal & kennis van het onderwerp
  13. How do journalists react to this “open data/ sources” thing?Wat doe je met 1000 pagina’s confidentiëledocumenten?
  14. Some make a Wordle out of 1000 pages with great information, to conclude the word “REPORTS” has a lot of occurences...Fastcompany Wikileaks visualisation
  15. Others make great stories like this viz by NYT, based on the same documentsNYT Wikileaks visualisation
  16. Data without context has no meaning. Data needs a background, a narrative thatsucks the user mentally into the world of the data.Narratives are fundamental in human reasoning and give humans the ability toassign meaning to their experiences (Laurillard 1998; Dickey 2006). Applications,whether games or data visualizations, have to incorporate a narrative in order toreach its full potential. According to Brown and Cairns (2004), it is the narrativethat separates an engagement-application from an immersion-application. Themore immersion the higher amounts of time, effort and attention an user willinvest in the application. By integrating a narrative, or letting the data make up astory, the user will be much more invested, emotionally and mentally. Thenarrative functions as the motor. Here I make the link between games & data visualisations, and the necessity of a narrative to reach “full potential”
  17. Another great example by The GuardianWe moeten verhalen vertellen
  18. We moeten verhalen vertellen Another by NYT
  19. These are very special visualisations you can find in the book “Zachte Atlas van Nederland”. It’s awesome & full of stories.Inspiratie : comics
  20. Even when they are fake, movies & ads & arts can help us to create great visualisation stories.Inspiratie : ads
  21. Warning : do not always trust designers. This article in Smashing Magazine was a bloody shame. Basic charts are good!Vertrouw niet altijd designers :)
  22. It’s a dog in a park - I had some fun here with the audience :)Heatmap : zee of land ?
  23. Warning : do not alwaysVertrouw je ogen niet trust designers. These guys multiplied the wrong variables in their circles..
  24. Vertrouw je ogen niet .. with this result. I think we should learn to see these mistakes.
  25. This is the famous “Facebook break-ups” example. I want to show the importance of “contextual & cultural knowledge” for finding storiesDe basis van een goeie visualisatie is een verhaal &kennis van het onderwerp
  26. Now, including the western holidays scheme.De basis van een goeie visualisatie is een verhaal &kennis van het onderwerp
  27. Gebied A Gebied B10% werklozen met een uitkering 30% werklozen met een uitkering I ended with an example how to manipulate “open data” for a “political agenda”. First we take 1 source to show “the lazy region”. 90% 70% De “actieve” bevolking regio Gent - Eeklo
  28. Gebied A Gebied B10% werklozen met een uitkering 30% werklozen met een uitkering40% uitkeringen van het OCMW 10% uitkering van het OCMW As “an expert”, I know we have to look for additional data (contextual knowledge!). So I added a second source to define “active people”, shifting the 90% 50% map. 70% 40% De “actieve” bevolking regio Gent - Eeklo
  29. Gebied A Gebied B10% werklozen met een uitkering 30% werklozen met een uitkering40% uitkeringen van het OCMW 10% uitkering van het OCMW10% ouder dan 65 jaar 60% ouder dan 65 jaar Another “expert” adds another important fact : people > 65 years have different stats. This means adding a 3rd source for “active”, resulting 90% 50% 40% in a 3rd new map. 70% 40% 100% De “actieve” bevolking regio Gent - Eeklo
  30. data => interpretatie => visualisatie/ kennis onderwerp verhaalSo my message for thiscrowd of open data fanswas : try to find stories, andhandle your data with care.(this slide should be morecomplex :)
  31. Laat ons dus zoeken naar : Journalisten Producers Experts in het vak Verhalenvertellers Die van onze data verhalen maken,die veel impact hebben op onze samenleving I think our Open Data community needs more storytellers, experts, journalists,.. and less “app makers” ;)
  32. Tnx ! @dretio
  33. References voorbeelden : & DS - Bart De Neve