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Getting Over 'the Hump': How to Expand Your Stalled Virtualization Deployment


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Many organizations are experiencing virtualization stall, which prevents them from moving beyond the first stage on the virtualization maturity curve and realizing the full scope of benefits of the technology. This presentation shows how to ensure successful virtualization deployments by containing risk, managing resources and establishing effective management. It explains how to identify problems in your IT organization before they appear, how to expand your virtualization deployment, and move further along in your journey to dynamic data centers and cloud computing.

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Getting Over 'the Hump': How to Expand Your Stalled Virtualization Deployment

  1. 1. Getting Over ‘the Hump’: How to Expand your Stalled Virtualization Deployment Andi Mann, Vice President, CA Technologies Stephen Elliot, Vice President, CA Technologies
  2. 2. about today’s presenters Stephen Elliot, VP Vice President of Strategy for CA’s of Strategy, Virtualization and Automation CA Technologies customer service unit, focused on key areas such as business unit Previously a noted technology, strategy creation, analyst industry analyst at relations, market positioning, partner IDC, Hurwitz development, and customer deals. Group, Gartner, and Forrester; also served Inteq, a venture-backed start-up, as product marketing manager B.A. from the University of Southern California, & graduate work at American University and Harvard Business School Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  3. 3. about today’s presenters Andi Mann, VP of Over 25 years of IT experience Product Marketing, across 4 continents, in the IT CA Technologies departments of global corporations with enterprise software vendors, Published in the and in IT research & analysis. New York Times, USA Today, CIO, Computerworld, Deep knowledge of enterprise TechTarget, CRN, software on mainframe, midrange, Information Week, Network World, server, & desktop systems. and more. Formerly a leading industry analyst who literally wrote the definition of virtualization Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  4. 4. agenda 1 Everyone has virtualization, but some are better than others 2 A lifecycle model for building virtualization maturity 3 Management ‘tipping points’, and other barriers to success 4 Actionable approaches to build virtualization maturity 5 CA Technologies Solutions, Summary, Q&A, Wrap-up Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  5. 5. the outstanding promise of virtualization Virtualization can deliver substantial ROI, greater agility, improved continuity, and other business values Agility Fast IT support for business innovation, transformation Continuity Hardware redundancy, site recovery, live migration ROI Hardware consolidation, power, rent, cooling, downtime Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  6. 6. so everyone is deploying virtualisation – in part • 75% of enterprises using virtualization in production 2008 • 76% of global CIOs undergoing or planning virtualization 2009 • 90% of businesses have implemented server virtualization 2010 Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  7. 7. so everyone is deploying virtualisation – in part • 75% of enterprises using virtualisation in production 2008 • 76% of global CIOs undergoing or planning virtualisation 2009 • 90% of businesses have implemented server virtualisation 2010 Virtualization is now the top priority for most global CIOs (up from number 3 the previous year) Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  8. 8. virtualization maturity lifecycle – best practice deployment Server Infrastructure Automation & Dynamic Consolidation Optimization Orchestration Datacenter Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  9. 9. but virtualization maturity is not all clear sailing Additional challenges at every stage of the virtualization lifecycle Larger More dynamic More difficult Growing deployments infrastructure to control production More critical Pressure on Increasing applications staff & skills LOB visibility Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  10. 10. virtualization maturity challenges can lead to “VM Stall” Server Infrastructure Automation & Dynamic Consolidation Optimization Orchestration Datacenter STOP STOP STOP virtualization management tipping points ‘VM Stall’ – inability to overcome ‘tipping points’ needed to move the needle on virtualization maturity Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  11. 11. the growing concern of ‘VM stall’ CIOs report a persistent difficulty in expanding virtualization deployments — 15-25% of workloads running in virtual servers (various analysts) — 34% of total server infrastructure are virtual servers (CDW) — 38% of mission-critical business services are virtualized ( — 30% of servers are virtualized on average (CA Technologies) Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  12. 12. so … what’s the big deal? Inability to expand virtualization maturity is not just an academic issue — Maximum benefit from virtualization is unrealised — Failure to leverage virtualization investments — Cannot compete with more agile businesses — Leaving money (and other benefits) on the table Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  13. 13. functional capabilities to overcome ‘VM stall’ Discovery, security, configuration, capacity, response, SLAs Visibility Align performance, security, compliance with business policy Of deployments, licences, facilities, service requests, etc. Control Expand tier 1 apps, reduce costs, with existing staff Meet response, continuity, experience, & uptime SLAs Assurance Build LOB trust, compliance, satisfaction, and approval Rapid provisioning, configuration, remediation, self-service Automation Reduce skill burden, improve audit, reduce errors, add security Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  14. 14. visibility
  15. 15. discover & record virtualization deployments Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  16. 16. deep discovery and visibility into hosts and guests Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  17. 17. not just systems, but applications … Tracking of the virtual  machine to the  host Applications installed on  the virtual machines Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  18. 18. … plus databases, middleware, networks, storage, security, etc. Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  19. 19. … with deep and definable discovery, collection Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  20. 20. … with relationship mapping between configuration items … Virtual system to  physical parent system  relationship Detailed relationship  information Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  21. 21. … to create detailed inventory and differences records Detailed inventory of   virtual systems and their  configurations Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  22. 22. … while keeping up on resource utilization … Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  23. 23. through easy-to-use visualization & topology maps Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  24. 24. control
  25. 25. take control of replication, migration, & continuity Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  26. 26. centralize control from a common dashboard Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  27. 27. integrated dashboards ease skill requirements & burdens Get all the information you need in  one dashboard Copyright 2010, CA Technologies Select to drilldown and take  action
  28. 28. beyond migration & monitoring – start taking action Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  29. 29. flexibility to support multiple administrator skills, depts. Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  30. 30. assurance
  31. 31. rich performance visibility, applications, traffic, response Performance views of ESX Visibility into application hosts and Virtual Machines traffic responsiveness across ESX hosts Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  32. 32. track performance, highlight events, trace incidents Context sensitive launch from topology map to rich performance data Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  33. 33. identify symptoms, track root causes, take rapid action Alarms show high CPU utilization and degraded performance Single root cause alarm speeds triage, improves “signal-to-noise” Embedded expert advice, allows rapid remediation, problem prevention Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  34. 34. assurance – not just historical, but real-time analysis Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  35. 35. automation
  36. 36. repeatable provisioning with reusable VM templates Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  37. 37. deliver user control over resource needs, expose real costs Dynamically change configurations Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  38. 38. scheduled deprovisioning prevents VM sprawl too! Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  39. 39. build repeatable processes with standardized packages Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  40. 40. automate maintenance too e.g. compliance & policy checks Discover servers & applications Schedule recurring tasks like & group them into Services discovery, refresh, change detection, compliance checks Include Compliance Policy control sets in scheduled management profiles Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  41. 41. automate remediation, not just monitoring/alerting Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  42. 42. even automate assurance with IT process automation Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  43. 43. and build maturity toward a dynamic, self-service data center 1.Select from Service Catalog – e.g. Web 2. Service Server, Project Server, request created Collab Server, In-store 3. Orchestrate POS, Branch Office, etc. the workflow 4. Provision • User Info (email, project ID) requested Service • Time (start & finish date) • Type (physical, virtual) •Template (name) IT Process Automation Provisioning • Server specifications (S, M, L, XL) The Foundation • Apps to be installed (IIS, App , DB ) Service • Service Level (gold, silver, bronze) Catalog 8. Return resources to pool For Private Cloud5. Update service request , inform end user Service Accounting 7.Deprovision per policy 6. Charge-back Commodity based on usage Hardware Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  44. 44. wrap up
  45. 45. management maturity to overcome virtualisation “tipping points” Server Infrastructure Automation & Dynamic Consolidation Optimization Orchestration Datacenter STOP GO! STOP GO! STOP GO! virtualization management tipping points increasing maturity of virtualisation management requirements P-to-V Migration Configuration Mgmt User Self-Service Private Cloud Fault Detection Virtual App Assurance Virtual Svc Assurance Service Automation Backup/DR Virtual Server Build Process Automation Service Catalog Virtual Labs Capacity Management Resource Pooling Hybrid Cloud Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  46. 46. virtualization management solutions from CA Technologies CA Technologies virtualization management solutions are designed to provision, control, assure, secure, & optimize virtual, cloud, and hybrid environments, delivering: − New levels of speed, flexibility, and business competitiveness − Exceptional manageability, service assurance, and security − Significantly lower cost and compelling ROI Can you deliver visibility, control, performance, assurance, and automation? Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  47. 47. core virtualization management solutions from CA Technologies CA Virtual at a glance New Rapidly deploy virtual infrastructures & applications, CA Virtual or deploy private cloud systems, efficiently serving Automation business needs in real-time. Agile Provisioning New Automate configuration auditing detects and tracks CA Virtual changes against a gold standard, meeting compliance Configuration goals. Ensure Compliance New Accurately detect, diagnose & remediate root-cause & CA Virtual performance issues, gaining visibility & control across Assurance heterogeneous virtual environments. Optimize Performance New Restrict privileged access and assure proper access CA Virtual Privilege Manager audit and control to support dynamic virtual infrastructures. Secure Access Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  48. 48. enterprise-wide physical + virtual management New CA Virtual Assurance for Add-on to CA infrastructure managers (NSM, eHealth Infrastructure Managers PM, Spectrum IM) to provide integrated physical + Optimize P+V Performance virtual performance monitoring and assurance Spectrum Automation Orchestrate complex processes on multiple physical & Manager virtual platforms, embedding knowledge, freeing up staff, and relieving skills pressure. Enterprise Orchestration for P+V CA ARCserve Ensure data protection & automate recovery processing, for a highly available physical+ virtual infrastructure, ensuring business continuity & compliance. Automated Continuity for P+V CA Identity and Access Restrict user access and assure proper access audit Management and control to support dynamic virtual and physical infrastructures. Secure Access Control for P+V Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  49. 49. why CA Technologies for virtualization management? Support for the entire enterprise • Multiple virtual, physical, cloud, server, network, storage, apps, & security Integrate service management, assurance, security • Align dynamic IT with business service priorities, policies, and processes Start tactically, grow strategically • Solve specific issues today, scale & extend to leverage investment Built to achieve the next generation data center • From dev/test to dynamic, hybrid, private, and public cloud Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  50. 50. Questions?
  51. 51. Next Steps — Go take a look at the CA Technologies solutions in demo booths — Check out the CA virtualization management Solution Briefs — Find us or CA staff in the booths to ask one-to-one questions — Contact your CA Technologies contacts to learn more CA Technologies can help you to deliver an agile, secure, low-cost IT environment, aligned to business service priorities. visit to find out more. Copyright 2010, CA Technologies
  52. 52. Thank you. For more information, please visit: