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83Confidential | For Discussion Purposes SpringOwl's 99 Page Presentation On Turning Around Viacom

83Confidential | For Discussion Purposes Only |
 Mario Gabelli Recently Suggested this Idea:
Step 4: Explore Alibaba Pictures or Amazon
Investment Into Paramount
“If Alibaba is going to be serious about getting into the entertainment industry, Viacom should sell Jack
Ma a piece of Paramount… Jack Ma has a great understanding of the Chinese movie market.”1
 Paramount’s Only Major Hit of 2015:
Produced in Association With Alibaba Pictures
 Jack Ma just bought Youku in Order to Have a Netflix-
like Service Across China; He Needs Content
 Combining Forces With Alibaba Pictures Could Give
Paramount a Unique Story for Filmmakers Over the
Next 20 Years on How Their Films will get Promoted in
 Amazon is building its own studio in Hollywood and just
released a Spike Lee film
2D Film
Ever in
Image: Google Images
Source: 1.

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