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39Confidential | For Discussion Purposes SpringOwl's 99 Page Presentation On Turning Around Viacom


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39Confidential | For Discussion Purposes Only | 39
 With Sumner Redstone Absent for the
Last Few Years, and With Dauman
Effectively in Control of his Trust, it’s
Been a Perfect Setup for Dauman and
Dooley to Keep Paying Themselves
Enormous Cash Compensation at the
Expense of Shareholders With Weak
Accountability in Terms of Their
 The Ideal Scenario for Dauman and
Dooley is That Sumner Lives Forever
(As He’s Promised To Do) and They
Keep Raking it in
 The Most Disappointing Aspect of all this
for Viacom Shareholders is That
Weekend at Bernie’s Was a Fox – and
Not a Paramount - Picture
Forget Weekend At Bernie’s - For Dauman & Dooley,
It’s Been The Last Few Years at Sumner’s
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Source: SpringOwl Asset Management LLC

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