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102 essay1mapfall2013


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102 essay1mapfall2013

  1. 1. English 102 Essay 1 - Survey of Research Essay map Short introduction paragraph Something introducing your reader to your topic. Doesn’t have to be very long or comprehensive (the rest of the paper can deal with the details, this is just meant to draw the reader in). Research Question Thesis (summarizes the overall viewpoint of your five sources and answers your question) Body Paragraphs - Summaries One summary of each of your sources. You should rely mainly on paraphrasing and summarizing. You can only use one quote per summary and it must be cited correctly (MLA style) Note: At least three sources need to be library books or articles from databases available through CCP (EBSCO, Opposing Viewpoints, etc.), and you may use more than five sources if you need to. Repeat Body Paragraphs as much as needed (you need at least 5 sources). No conclusion paragraph needed.