Premarital sex(final)


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Premarital sex(final)

  1. 1. PREMARITAL SEX { By: Khalid Tandugon & Andrei James Capucion
  2. 2.  Teen sex  Why they do this?  STD’s  How to prevent this?  Why should we stop this?  Randomness (over 9000-ish)  A few facts about sexWhat to expect in this presentation?
  3. 3. Teen Sex• Over the past few years, premarital sex has become rampant• Teen girls think that their boyfriend will leave them if they don’t, or teen boys because they don’t want to be the only virgin in his social circle• It has become common, and thinks it’s the status quo, and is needed to do before leaving school
  4. 4. Reasons for this? 1)Raging hormones{
  5. 5.  Hormones are chemical substances created by a number of glands in our body Hormones are responsible for the many changes you undergo during puberty Things like body change, height increase (growth spurt), voice change, and a sense of maturity It also causes teens to have a sexual attraction (depending on their sexual orientation Hormones
  6. 6. 2) Curiosity
  7. 7.  Teens, as they start to reach maturity, seek to find things that were before inaccessible to them due to their young age They tend to become more curious about the world outside the house They also tend to become more curious about their social life, and their sexuality Also, because of media nowadays (sexual scenes in movies or porn), teens have started to wonder what sex feels like
  8. 8. 3)Sexual provocation in Media
  9. 9. For teens with raging hormones andcuriosity, its somewhat hard to holdback wanting to try it whennowadays when almost everythinghas sex in some way.
  10. 10. How can you avoid itwhen nowadays: When music has lyrics like ‚ you just put your lipstogether and just come real close‛ ‚I just had sex! And it felt so good!‛‚I’ll light you upwhen I get inside!
  11. 11. Total recallWhen movies have scenes like this
  12. 12. And even the internet has them
  13. 13.  Overly protected during childhood  Sexually abused/taught as a child  Lack of guidance of parents  Peer pressure  Love  Drugs, alcohol  OthersOther reasons:
  14. 14. Did you know?Only a 13% percent of teens have sexbefore the age of 15. But, by their 19thbirthday, 7 out of 10 teens have already‘done it’ TRIVIA!!!!!
  15. 15. Why premarital sex is wrong?
  16. 16.  Sex is like electricity. In the right uses, it can give one great pleasure, and romantic cement. But, if done in the wrong place, then it can be psychologically damaging Sex before marriage can cause a girl to feel guilt, regret, and fear of pregnancy Premarital sex can easily lead to STD’s Every break up with intimacy can be as painful as a mini-divorce. It risks having an illegitimate child
  17. 17. Did you know?Teen girls with older partners tend to be more sexually active, use less contraceptives, and have a higherchance of getting STD’s or unwanted pregnancies TRIVIA!!!!!
  18. 18. Risks { It comes with a price
  19. 19. Because sex has become so mainstream{ nowadays, its so easy to get infected by STD’s.
  20. 20.  STD stands for ‚Sexually transmitted diseases‛ They are diseases that can only transfer through an exchange of body fluids(saliva, blood, semen, etc.) Although you can get them though kissing, or blood transfusion, or dirty needles, most cases are through sexual activityWhat is STD
  21. 21. Examples of STD’s Warning: The following slides may contain some very HIV disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised ChlamydiaHerpes Scabies Head lice Moving on >
  22. 22. Herpes A viral disease caused by the Herpes simplex virus Usually infects the site of contact But, in some cases, the herpes virus may affect the nervous system as well Causes cold, red sores on spot of contact
  23. 23.  Cold sores over the infected area  Blisters that eventually erupt  Increased salivation  Bad breath  In rare cases: difficulty in swallowing, hearing problems, and chillsSymptoms
  24. 24. Examples of STD’s Warning: The following slides may contain some very HIV disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised ChlamydiaHerpes Scabies Head lice Moving on >
  25. 25. • Human immunodeficiency virus { • The only type of virus known to attack Lymphocytes: the bodies natural defence systemHIV
  26. 26.  Fever  Fatigue  Aching muscles, swollen throat, joint pain  Headache  Skin rash  More frequent infection ratesSymptoms
  27. 27. Did you know? Around 90% of the world’s population have committedpremarital sex at least once in their life TRIVIA!!!!!
  28. 28. Examples of STD’s Warning: The following slides may contain some very HIV disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised ChlamydiaHerpes Scabies Head lice Moving on >
  29. 29. • Also known as ‚the 7 year itch‛ Is caused by the { • mite sacroptes Scabiei, a parasite • The mite buries into the skin of its host, causing extreme itchScabies
  30. 30. Itchiness  Redness  Appearance of multiple red sores aroundSymptoms
  31. 31. Examples of STD’s Warning: The following slides may contain some very HIV disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised ChlamydiaHerpes Scabies Head lice Moving on >
  32. 32. • One of the most common STD in the world • It’s a bacteria that { • causes genital and eye infection May be transmitted through oral, vaginal, or analChlamydia
  33. 33. Examples of STD’s Warning: The following slides may contain some very HIV disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised ChlamydiaHerpes Scabies Head lice Moving on >
  34. 34. • Are often called crabs { • Are like hair lice, but they tend to live in eyelashes and pubic hairPubic Lice
  35. 35. Control
  36. 36. Nowadays, Birth control(or contraceptive)methods provide ‘guaranteed’ safety fromunwanted pregnancies, or transmission ofSTD’s. And, things like abortion pills add tothe confidence level of teens that they won’tget pregnant, or suffer any long termconsequences, and enjoy the pleasure of itall.
  37. 37. Birth control methods used nowadays{
  38. 38. 1) Condoms
  39. 39.  Birth control method that is placed on a man’s erect penis or a woman’s vagina to stop and/or prevents ejaculated sperm from entering sexual partner Has a 97% chance of effectiveness when used properly, and 95% when improperly
  40. 40. 2)The pill
  41. 41.  The pill, or the combined oral contraceptive Is an oral contraceptive taken every day for an entire month, and is proven to decrease fertility rate 99.9% success rate if done properly, 95% when not done properly
  42. 42.  Pullin’ out method: (96% success) Abstinence method: (100% success rate) Timing method (91-99% success rate) ‚Bahala Nalang‛ method( 15% success rate)Other choices
  43. 43. Did you know? 50% of people who arecurrently HIV positive arebetween the ages of 15 and 24 TRIVIA!!!!!
  44. 44. How not to commitpremarital sex
  45. 45. 1) Remember to stick withyour decision
  46. 46.  23:1-6 (Qur’an)  1 Corinthians 7:7-9 The believers must (Bible) (eventually) win (7) I wish that all men through,- were as I am. But each Those who humble man has his own gift themselves in their from God; one has this prayers; gift, another has that. Who avoid vain talk; (8) Now to the Who are active in deeds of charity; unmarried and the Who abstain from sex, widows I say: It is good Except with those joined for them to stay to them in the marriage unmarried, as I am. bond, or whom their (9) But if they cannot right hands possess,- for control themselves, they they are free from should marry, for it is blame, better to marry than to burn with passion.
  47. 47. 2) Avoid temptation
  48. 48.  If you are in a serious relationship with someone, its best to stay along with friends, especially during places where you can do it Avoid being alone, since passion and the heat of the moment can cloud your judgment. Learn to set yourself with limits in your relationship, and learn how to say ‘no’ when he/she’s going too far. Remember, a few minutes of pleasure can lead to a life time of regret
  49. 49. 3) Learn to love with your heart and brain
  50. 50.  You shouldn’t let passion of the moment cloud your judgment, and ruing your future If the person your dating wants you to have sex or he/she will leave you, leave him. They aren’t worth it, and they only ‘love your body’, and not you as a whole
  51. 51.  50% of people who are currently HIV positive are between the ages of 15 and 24 Condoms only reduce the risk of contracting HIV by 85% 50.6% of Filipinos aged 14-19 had experienced sex Sex isn’t about recreation. Its about re- creationMore facts about Sex
  52. 52. To sum it all up
  53. 53. Say NO to temptation
  54. 54. Take precautionary measures
  55. 55. And use your brain as well with your heart
  56. 56. Try out all the other fun things in life!
  57. 57. END!!!!!{