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Self evaluation

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Self evaluation

  1. 1. Self EvaluationBeth Dreher
  2. 2. Purpose• The purpose of my website was to advertise Professor Green and togive recent updates to his fans. It was to also meant to informpeople on his tour dates. To achieve this I will use pictures, recentnews about him, I will use YouTube videos (movie clips) andinformation I can get from Google about him. I think I was verysuccessful in achieving my aim because it does everything it ismeant to in a sophisticated way that looks professional. The onlything I would change is add more information and what his is doingat the moment as I have only said about his early life and about 2pieces of news. This means that viewers do not know what he is upto at the moment. My gallery page didn’t work as well as I wouldhave liked. I would have liked to put a play/pause button on this butcould not get it to work, so if I was to do this again I would try tomake these buttons work. My scroll bar on my news does not workeither put the text can still be scrolled to, so again if I was to do thisagain I would try to make that work.
  3. 3. Audience• My website is aimed at teenagers at 15+. Thisis because it is modern music so is aimed atthe younger generation but because of thelanguage he uses it may offend youngerchildren and teenagers. To make it appeal tothis age group I used font that wasn’t boring tolook at and colours that were bold and standout, black background and white text. I alsoused quite sophisticated language becausethey will be old enough to understand it but Ididn’t use a lot of vocabulary that is hard tounderstand, this is because it doesn’t appeal toteenagers that listen to rap music as ProfessorGreen uses slag and taboo words. If I had thechance to do it again I wouldn’t use as muchwriting because teenagers don’t tend to like toread be chunks of block information so I wouldtry to break it down with pictures or somethinga little more interactive. I would have liked tohave put a merchandise page but I didn’t knowhow to make tick boxes to choose the productthe customer wants. Like this.
  4. 4. Readability• I think that the text is very legible because thefont is easy enough to read even though it is abit different the letter are obvious. The textstands out from the background well, thebackground is black and the text is white so thecontrast makes the text easy to see. The text Ichose to use was Letter Gothic Std, the size ofmy text was 18px. My links are obvious as theyare a different colour and underlined, when youhighlight the ones in my navigation bar theychange colour. My text originally was going to bebold but this made it hard to read to I changed itback to normal. When there is a lot of text in ablock it is harder to read so if I did it again Iwould use smaller paragraphs to separate mytext out making it easier to read. I think my textcontrast worked well and I think the style of mytext is good because it isn’t boring so its moreinteresting to read.• This is a small sample of my text to show thecontrast, the font and the size. It also shows thatit is hard to read in big chunks.
  5. 5. Usability• The site is straightforward to use becausethey navigation bar is clear and takes you towhere you want rather than having linksdotted all around the page they are all in thenavigation bar. This means it is easy tonavigate around the website. To make it easyto use I have a navigation bar near the top ofthe page. I think that everything is placedwell within my webpage. The only thing Iwould like to reposition is my bannerbecause it isn’t central. If I had the chanceagain to make it even easier, on myhomepage Id put a bit of information to tellviewers where the need to go on my websiteto see a certain thing. For example I mightsay: to see what songs professor green hasgo to the navigation bar and visit the page‘his music.’ This would mean that if someonewants to just see a specific thing theywouldn’t have to visit each page to find it.The navigation bar works well, whicheverlink on the bar you click on it will take you tothat page nothing is faulty on the navigationbar. I think I need to label it more clearly soviewers aren’t shocked when they click on alink at it takes them somewhere they werenot expecting.My navigation bar
  6. 6. Accessibility• The accessibility of my website is quite good.
  7. 7. Overall• Overall my website works efficiently and easily. All mylinks on and off my navigation bar work and go to thecorrect pages on my website and off my website. Thetext stands off my background and is clear. Everythingis in line and looks professional and sophisticated. Iwould like to get my scroll bars to work and put aworking play/pause button on my slide shows. Also if Ihad the chance again I would add a merchandise pagewhere viewers can buy things. I would say that mynavigation bar is a strength because everything workson it and my animation is a strength because I haveused a lot of it and it all looks well placed. A weaknesswould be that my scrollbars do not work.