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My graphic planning

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My graphic planning

  1. 1. Beth Dreher
  2. 2.  My client is Swiss Tony. He is a car salesman who’s business is startingto collapse and needs to advertise his business. He has some ideas thatinclude making a website that he would like some graphics for, also hewould like to put an advert in a magazine. Tony is the sort of salesman that will buy a car such as a cheap rundown Porsche, he would they slap paint on it and make it look as goodas he can, he would then flog it to someone. The magazine he would like to get his advert in is top gear, this isbecause people between the ages 20 and 35 would read it that like tolook at the cars they would love to have but can not afford. His businesssells cars that are aimed at young men who want something fast but cannot afford cars like a Ferraris, this means he sells cars like Subarus thatthese men can afford. The advert for Swiss Tony wouldn’t be sophisticated, he would like anadvert that is bright bold and in your face. Something that is eyecatching and uses loud colours to grab the readers attention. The purpose of the advert would be to make people want to buy SwissTony’s cars. It would do this buy using bright in your face colours andthe advert would highlight the price of his cars because he sells themcheaper than any other car sales men.
  3. 3.  The audience is young men between the ages 20 and 35. This isbecause they generally like cars and reading car magazines,especially Top Gear. They are the sort of people who would loveto own a fast car but can not afford cars such as Ferraris soinstead buy cars like Subarus. These are the cars that Swiss Tonysells. Also people who would like a cheap second hand car thatisn’t all run down and rubbish. The men buying his cars arenormally boy racers that want to go fast and look cool. The purpose is to advertise Swiss Tonys cars to get more peopleto buy from him. It is meant to try and get Swiss Tony’s businessup and running again. The advert needs to be bright and bold tocatch the viewers attention. The advert will have to get across to the viewer/reader that SwissTony sells good, fast, cheap cars that you couldn’t get anywhereelse for the same price. The advert will need to be eye catching and persuasive. To bepersuasive I will need to use exaggeration to get across howmuch better Swiss Tony’s cars really are.
  4. 4.  Size: Resolution: File format: Bright colours, very busy, lots of shapes, nosophistication.