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P4 SBC Standardisation


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SBC standardisation

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P4 SBC Standardisation

  1. 1. Stimulus-Based Conversation Prepared by Miss Pearl Ang
  2. 2. Format •Stimulus •Prompts
  3. 3. Mark Scheme • Mark Range: 1 – 10 mark • 3 Criteria for assessment 1. Personal Response • Content 2. Clarity of Expression • Sentence Structure • Grammar & Vocabulary 3. Engagement in Conversation
  4. 4. Example 1 Let’s listen to Jackson
  5. 5. Examiner’s Comments (Jackson) • Able to answer all questions but was unclear at times • “Had not go to the animal wonderland show of the animal show” • “…how they are doing in on when in the animal show…” • “… I have nothing else ask thing…” • Answers in incomplete sentences • Begins sentence with “Because…” • Incorrect structures • “Haven’t go”, “had went” • Unclear pronunciation • “cave”, “aquarium”, “whales”, “(did)neh not” • Uses topic-specific vocabulary Mark Band: 5 – 6
  6. 6. Example 2 Let’s listen to Jeremy
  7. 7. Examiner’s Comments (Jeremy) • Student is able to respond to most prompts given • One word “yes” , “not” • Ends off with “don’t know” twice • Requires much encouragement and prompting but is able to respond to the questions some times • Response to the second prompt is not clear • “you can’t di sure it flee” • Gave some personal responses • “can look the animal dancing” • “animal is very nice to look” • “snake because snake is very long” • Long and awkward pause Mark Band: 3 – 4
  8. 8. Example 3 Let’s listen to Yi Shen
  9. 9. Examiner’s Comments (Yi Shen) • Generally clear expression with correct pronunciation • Able to give personal responses • “animals… cute and adorable” • “I like the animals’ fur because it is very soft” • “I like to have a dog… Bishan Park… bring dog to jog…” • “dog show… nice and interesting” • Incorrect sentence structures at times • “have went” • “Animals is” • “Every time I went…” • Able to answer all the prompts with some development Mark Band: 7 - 8
  10. 10. Example 4 Let’s listen to Shawaree
  11. 11. Examiner’s Comments (Shawaree) • Student gave personal responses that are developed without further prompting • “I prefer going to animal shows cause I have stress… reduce my stress” • “Nowadays, people have a lot of work to do… links to family bonding” • Able to express herself clearly with confidence • Her concluding statement • “I encourage….” • Uses topic specific vocabulary and grammatically correct structures Mark Band: 9 - 10
  12. 12. Changing roles of Examiners • No longer a test of description but a test of ability to converse • Not a test about how much they know but how proficient they are in speaking English • Students are only able to do well if examiners ask questions that lead them into conversation
  13. 13. Guidelines for examiners • Must say the initial prompt • Avoid monologues (by the students) • Give additional prompts to lead the students into conversational topic • Give the students time to think through their responses • Do not penalize if students require more questions to move the conversation along
  14. 14. Guidelines for Students 1. Have eye contact with the examiner(s). • Do not look at the stimulus • Smile and show interest 2. Listen carefully to the questions asked. 3. Respond relevantly and appropriately. 4. Speak in complete sentences. 5. Do not use slang/ singlish. 6. Do not stop at “Yes” or “No” in your answers. 7. Elaborate with personal views/ real-life examples.