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P3 Paper Cutting


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Activity for Chinese New Year

Published in: Education
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P3 Paper Cutting

  1. 1. Done by Mdm An Wei 2016
  2. 2. • What are these? • They are Chinese Paper Cutting, also named Jianzhi (剪纸)
  3. 3. • The art of paper-cutting originated in China. • Chinese Paper Cutting is one of the important art styles in Chinese folk culture. • Because the cut outs are always used to decorate doors and windows, they are sometimes referred to "chuāng huā" (窗花), meaning Window Flower. People glued the art on the exterior of the windows and the light can go through the negative space of the cutout. The artist most often use red paper to make artwork, but they also use colored-paper to collage. • Normally paper-cutting artwork use on the festivals like spring festivals, weddings, childbirth; the paper-cutting always symbolizes lucky and happiness.
  4. 4. Let’s do Window Flowers and paste them on our windows!
  5. 5. • After folding the paper, you can now draw any design on it. • You can try the example I show you first!
  6. 6. • There is one more example for you!
  7. 7. Now, It’s your turn! Try different designs. You can even make your own design!