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Ideas for Fairy Tale Costume Parade


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Ideas to dress up as a fairy tale character

Published in: Education
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Ideas for Fairy Tale Costume Parade

  1. 1. Ideas for Dress Up as a Fairy Tale Character Day
  2. 2. Singapore Fractured Fairy Tale Characters Original Fairy Tale Character Singapore Version Cinderella Ballroom gown and glass slippers Local traditional outfit with a tiara Traditional shoes e.g. Peranakan beaded slipper Pumpkin coach (NOTE: Student creates the prop but still has to dress up as a character from the story – e.g. the stage coach driver) A durian coach (or any other local fruit) Prince Charming Wears a SAF uniform – Civil Defence, Police Officer, etc. (student can design the uniform including hat and make it out of recyclable materials) Little Red Riding Hood Wears a red cape and carries a picnic basket Wears a local Uniform Group’s attire (e.g. Girls Brigade/Brownies) and sells local traditional kueh (create the prop) OR can be a boy wearing a Scouts/Boys Brigade Uniform
  3. 3. Original Fairy Tale Character Singapore Version Emperor’s New Clothes Emperor Chinese Emperor garments or Malay Sultan garments with crown (create the prop) Advisor to the Emperor Modern day executive in suit and tie Beauty and the Beast Beast holding a rose Merlion-like creature/lion with orchid (national flower) Singapore Fractured Fairy Tale Characters
  4. 4. Original Fairy Tale Character Singapore Version Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Wicked Witch holding a poisoned apple Wicked Witch wears the black- coned hat but dresses in a local attire and carries a poisoned local fruit e.g. rambutan (create the prop) Snow White Dress as a Samsui woman Pied Piper of Hamelin Pied Piper Pest controller (in uniform and carries handmade prop – insecticide) Replace flute with a local musical instrument Puss in Boots Puss (a cat) Singapura Cat Singapore Fractured Fairy Tale Characters
  5. 5. Original Fairy Tale Character Singapore Version The Little Mermaid Mermaid Can have a koi fish body/tail Pinocchio Gepetto Local cobbler/puppet-maker Pinocchio Chinese opera character / wayang kulit character Three Little Pigs The Pigs Mousedeer (or any other local animal) Singapore Fractured Fairy Tale Characters
  6. 6. Tips  When dressing up as an animal – students can create an animal mask (include other possible parts like a tail)  When dressing up as a human character – students can create the attire using mah-jong paper and colour/design it to resemble a uniform, a royal attire, etc.  When creating a prop (e.g. a fruit, a flower, a crown, a wand, etc.) – students can use recyclable materials to create it and then paint the prop Note to teachers: Use the next few slides to compare the original fairy tale character and the fractured version
  7. 7. Cinderella is a Japanese in a kimono and has a painted face Cinderella
  8. 8. The Princess is oriental and wearing a cheongsam with a Chinese hair pin as an ornament Princess and the Frog
  9. 9. Ariel is an Indian with the traditional ‘pottu’ on her forehead and hair ornament Ariel The Little Mermaid
  10. 10. The Princess is an African Tribal princess complete with accessories and local attire Princess Jasmine from Aladdin
  11. 11. Beauty and the Beast Belle – Dressed in a Korean attire Beast – A tiger and dressed in a Korean attire
  12. 12. Aladdin Prop: Replace the lamp with a lantern Attire: Wear a Batik sarong to replace the pants Create a keris (Malay traditional weapon) to replace the sword
  13. 13. Prince Charming Attire: Create and wear any of the local Armed Forces uniform
  14. 14. Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland Prop: Replace the tall hat with a hand-made Chinese opera headdress
  15. 15. Local cobbler (Elves and the Shoemaker)
  16. 16. Note To Teachers Do emphasise to your students to create the props from recyclable materials Students are NOT required to bring the actual object Students MUST have a short write-up of their character and how it is local / different from the original fairy tale character. Consider the following points:  What is the fairy tale title?  What is their character in the fairy tale?  How does it show the Singapore element? (compare the actual fairy tale character and the one they are representing)