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Tips On Buying A UPS For Personal Use


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Tips On Buying A UPS For Personal Use

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Tips On Buying A UPS For Personal Use

  1. 1. Tips on buying a UPS for personal useHere are some tips on buying a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) for yourpersonal use. You will find it helpful to in making a decision.1) Connect only critical loads to your UPS. Only those that need protection, ascertain type of malfunctions in some users can cause a total output shutdown2) Factor in an increase in load capacity to allow for future expansion3) Consider if it is worthwhile to opt for the next UPS size to increase back-uptime. Check the Rated Backup Time; it generally refers to full load, increasingalmost three fold at half load.4) Factor in the temperature. Battery life of your UPS decreases by 50% withevery 10 degree rise in temperature5) Opt for Ups systems that allow extended battery options. They have theoptions of increasing power by adding parallel units when you feel the need tostep up power6) If there seems to be no obvious plus point in buying a certain UPS, don’t paymore to buy it. A big price tag is not indicative of its performance or reliability7) Check the warranty and guarantee of your UPS. The amounts specifiedgenerally cover only hardware, not items like loss of data or discontinuity ofservice8) Watch out for smart marketing terms and don’t be mislead by them. An‘Automatic Self test’ UPS does not mean it checks the battery as well. So whileyou are under the impression that a positive test of your UPS is keeping yousafe from a breakdown, your battery might be on the verge of a shutdown. An‘online’ must be Double Conversion and able to regulate output frequency.9) Ensure the after sales service of the manufacturer is good. Check the reputeand standing of the company, their network, service charges etc.10) Always buy a UPS from a reputed manufacturer. The manufacturer shouldhave been in the business for at least 10 years with a good track record andreputation of trust. In India, one of the best manufacturers is V GuardIndustries.11) Lastly, if you are in doubt about which UPS to buy, talk to a consultant. Hewill advice you on the best option for you and ensures that you are protectedfrom any malfunctions due to any inadequacy of your equipment in protectingyour hardware.