Tips For Buying A UPS


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Tips For Buying A UPS

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Tips For Buying A UPS

  1. 1. Tips for buying a UPSLookout for power surges, spikes and brownouts. Your expensive computerand data could be lost or turned useless. An UPS is the answer to yourproblems. It comes with a built in voltage stabiliser blocking energy surges thatdamage your computer. The UPS protects your equipment from damage aswell as provides power when the electricity fails. However, here are a few tipswhen buying a UPSPowerpointsWhile looking for your UPS, one of the main things to ensure is the powerrating. If the power rating is too low, your UPS will run out on you too soon,even before you shut down. Most UPS provide up to 10 mins of power. Whatyou need to look for is the VA rating or amps multiplied by voltage. For eg-120v. This should be shown on your computer. Add up all the VA ratings of allyour devices that you will connect to your devices. You need to purchase a UPSthat has a VA 20-25% higher than that figure. A home PC user will generallyneed a UPS with a 500-700 VA ratingBackupUPS’s are meant only to give enough back up power to allow you to shut downand save valuable data and your computers settings. This is usually for 10-20seconds. So don’t expect more than that. so choose a UPS that suits your shutdown needs.More FeaturesFind out as much as you can about the UPS especially additional features.Automatic Voltage Regulation is one of the better features. It protects your PCfrom voltage fluctuations. The AVR feature conditions the incoming powerbefore feeding to the PC’s SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply). Some UPS’s alsoschedule a shut down sequence when power is lost, allowing you to save yourwork and prevent damage.Warranty
  2. 2. Check the warranty of your product. Replacements take time and cause delaysand affect work. It will be an advantage of your vendor offers onsitewarranties; they will do all replacements of batteries at your establishment.SMPS and UPS ratingsDon’t compare SMPS and UPS ratings. Even the SMPS rating is high, your UPSneed not be competitive enough.Battery replacementGenerally a battery should last for three years. However if you are expectinglow back times then consider replacing your battery, especially if it is withinthe warranty.PowerWhile it is alright to leave the power on when your computer is shut down, it isalways safer to pair your ups and computer with a voltage stabiliser foradditional safety.Software reportsWhile the software of the UPS may prompt you to replace the batteries, youare the best judge of that. Change your batteries only when experience lowback up time.Usage tipsDO NOT overload the UPS with devices eg, printer, scanner, fax etc. NEVERplug a printer into the battery backup system. ALWAYS discharge yourbatteries once a month. ENSURE the UPS is properly grounded. It can avertdanger.Price comparisonUPS’s come in different ranges and prices. Compare prices betweenmanufacturers. Always choose reputed manufacturers like V Guard Industriesor any other leaders in the market
  3. 3. Choosing a good UPS is key to good working practices. Saving your work andprotecting your computer is very important. Make sure you do your researchwell before making your purchase.