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IT’S WHAT’S INSIDETHAT COUNTSAltair® 5X Multigas Detectorwith MSA X-Cell™ Sensor Technology
IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTSWORKERS who face potentially dangerous situations deserve the best protection available.At M...
MSA X-Cell™ O2                                                                     MSA X-Cell™ SO2, CI2,Sensor            ...
MSA X-Cell™ Technology:Save Time, Save Money, Save LivesBuilding on years of sensor design                            With...
Fully compatible with MSA           Wireless USB option forLink™ Software and MSA              connectivity to alphaGalaxy...
Technical Specifications                                                                   Altair® 5X Multigas Detector wi...
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Multigas detector


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Multigas detector

  1. 1. IT’S WHAT’S INSIDETHAT COUNTSAltair® 5X Multigas Detectorwith MSA X-Cell™ Sensor Technology
  2. 2. IT’S WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTSWORKERS who face potentially dangerous situations deserve the best protection available.At MSA, we work tirelessly to build smarter, better gas detection instruments that peopleacross the world rely on. First we introduced MSA’s advanced technology with the Altair® 4XMultigas etector with X-Cell™ Sensors. Now we’re proud to introduce the expansion of themost advanced technology available in any portable gas detector on the market:the Altair® 5X Multigas Detector with X-Cell™ Sensor Technology. Built on Durability The Altair® 5X Multigas Detector for LEL, O2, and toxic gas detection is as tough and functional as it looks. A rugged polycarbonate housing provides unsurpassed durability, including the ability to survive a 10-foot drop. Inside, a field-proven integral pump provides consistent gas flow without the problems of externally-attached components. Ergonomic design, glove-friendly buttons, and high- contrast display make the Altair® 5X Multigas Detector easy to use in all applications. Powered by Performance Toughness and durability aren’t the whole story. The real strength of the Altair® 5X Multigas Detector comes from new sensor technology. MSA X-Cell™ Sensors have a typical life of more than double the industry average, and are engineered using MSA’s proprietary application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) design. By miniaturizing the sensors’ controlling electronics and placing them inside the sensor itself, MSA X-Cell™ Sensors offer superior stability, accuracy, and repeatability. MSA X-Cell™ Sensors are a breakthrough in chemical and mechanical sensor design, enabling faster response and span calibration times. With less time spent on calibration and bump tests, you save calibration gas, maintenance costs, and in turn, save money. But most importantly, in your industry, saving seconds on response time can also mean saving lives. In addition to MSA X-Cell™ Sensors, the Altair® 5X Multigas Detector can also be equipped with our wide variety of IR sensors covering many gases and ranges including CO2. Flexibility to Meet Your Needs MSA’s Altair® 5X Multigas Detector provides many options to fit various applications. The detector is configurable with either a high-resolution color or monochrome LCD display with multilingual capabilities. MSA’s Logo Express® Service option is available to customize the color display. The detector is easily configurable with interchangeable plug-and-play sensor slots for MSA X-Cell™ Sensors. Up to six gases can be monitored simultaneously. Furthermore, this multigas detector offers optional glow-in-the-dark instrument housing for IR sensor-equipped units. The Altair® 5X Multigas Detector’s lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours, allowing it to be used over multiple shifts. An alkaline battery pack is also available as an accessory. MSA’s Altair® 5X Multigas Detector is fully compatible with the MSA Galaxy® Automated Test System and MSA Link™ Software.
  3. 3. MSA X-Cell™ O2 MSA X-Cell™ SO2, CI2,Sensor or NH3 SensorMSA X-Cell™ Ex Sensor, MSA X-Cell™ CO/H2Scombustible SensorAdding microelecftronics MSA X-Cell™ Sensors are ainsidce the sensors provides breakthrough in chemical andmore control and igher mechanical sensor design,performance than previous enabling faster response andgenerations. span calibration times. THE MSA COMMITMENT FROM THE LATEST IN SENSOR TECHNOLOGY TO INSTRUMENT DESIGN AND MANU- FACTURING, MSA HAS THE CAPABILITY AND KNOWLEDGE TO SUPPORT YOUR PORTABLE GAS DETECTION CHALLENGES.
  4. 4. MSA X-Cell™ Technology:Save Time, Save Money, Save LivesBuilding on years of sensor design With reliable, extended-life X-Cell™ Sensors,experience, MSA is revolutionizing sensor there’s no need to replace sensors aftertechnology with breakthroughs in design two years.that improve performance. • Typical life greater than five years for combustible, O2,• New X-Cell™ exotic SO2, Cl2, and NH3 Sensors for CO/H2S, SO2, NH3 and CI2 sensors expanded monitoring applications • Combustible sensor proprietary operating mode helps• Sensor response and clear times in under 15 seconds it stand up to poisons over the life of the sensor for most common sensor configurations • End-of-sensor-life warning gives advanced notice to user,• Bump test in under 15 seconds for most common reducing service outages sensor configurations Up to five year back-to-back instrument warranty• Span calibration time of 60 seconds for most common includes CO/H2S/O2/LEL/SO2/NH3/CI2, and IR sensors sensor configurations Minimum 12-month warranty on other sensors *• Greater signal stability and repeatability under changing or extreme environmental conditions• All X-Cell™ Sensors are capable of plug-and-play capabilities for easy reconfiguration * Selected models ALTAIR® 5X alphaHUD - Head-Up-Display . Display pressure and gas alarms In connection with Altair® 5X W-USB Gas Detector . Measure gas concentrations Breathing Apparatus + alphaMITTER - Transmitter . Sends pressure data alpha Personal Network . Provides gas alarms The wireless USB option enables the integration of Altair® 5X into the alpha Personal Network. This monitoring and alarm system consists of modular and wireless compo- nents that can be individually integratied to enhance your operation’s safety and capability as needed. The Altair® 5X W-USB can montior operative personnel using breath- ing apparatus and portable gas detedction equipment while sendiong information to the central control station alphaBASE. All gas readings and alarms can be seen by incident command monitoring personnel in real time. alphaBASE + PC - alphaSCOUT -Full monitoring: Central Control Station . Displays and stores all data from Personal Monitoring Device . Acts as a hubalpha Personal Network system can be used in several Altair® 5X and alphaSCOUT . Calculates remaining servicecombinations for a wide variety of applications, for time . Generates motion alarmexample when you work alone on large or complex sites, (MotionAlert™) and panic alarm (InstantAlert™)when you need to work under chemical suits, or when youwant to keep an eye on all your screw members), includingfull telemetric monitoring of gas alarms, pressure and mo-tion for breathing apparatus and chemical protection suitswearers.
  5. 5. Fully compatible with MSA Wireless USB option forLink™ Software and MSA connectivity to alphaGalaxy™ Automated Test Personal Network (SelectedSystem locations)Variety of optional MSA High perfornance MSA X-infrared sensors Cell™ SensorsRobust integral pump for 24-hour bump checkmarkconsistent flowHigh contrast colour or End of X-Cell™ Sensor lifemonochrome display warning18 language options Advanced MotionAlert™ and InstantAlert™ Safety FeaturesLarge button for easy Durable, rubberisedoperation housing for secure grip MSA- exclusive feature
  6. 6. Technical Specifications Altair® 5X Multigas Detector with 3-year and 5 year warranty, data logging, charger, integral pump, and tubing Gas Type Range Resolution Part Number Configuration Combustible, COMB 0 - 100% 1% LEL 10119665 ALTAIR 5X LEL, 02, CO, H2S, NO2 Oxygen, O2 0 - 30% Vol 0.1% Vol 10119668 ALTAIR 5X LEL, 02, CO, H2S Carbon monoxide, CO 0 - 2000 ppm 1 ppm 10119670 ALTAIR 5X LEL, 02, CO, H2S,SO2 Hydrogen sulfide, H2S 0 - 200 ppm 1 ppm 10119671 ALTAIR 5X LEL, 02, CO, H2S,SO2 Sulfur dioxide, SO2 0 - 20 ppm 0.1 ppm 10119672 ALTAIR 5X LEL, 02, CO, H2S,CL2 Chlorine, CI2 0 - 20 ppm 0.1 ppm 10119673 ALTAIR 5X LEL, 02, CO, H2S,PH3 Ammonia, NH3 0 - 100 ppm 1 ppm Other configurations available on request Nitrogen dioxide, NO2 0 - 20 ppm 0.5 ppm Chlorine dioxide, CIO2 0 - 1 ppm 0.01 ppm Calibration Gases Phosphine, PH3 0 - 5 ppm 0.1 ppm Part Number Configuration Hydrogen cyanide, HCN 0 - 30 ppm 0.1 ppm 10053022 Gas can (58l) (1.45% CH4, 15.0% O2, 60 ppm CO, 20 ppm H2S) Carbon dioxide, CO2 0 - 10% Vol 0.01% Vol 10048280 Gas can (34l) (1.45% CH4, 15.0% O2, 60 ppm CO, 20 ppm H2S) Other calibration gases available on request Drop Test 3m Replacement Sensors Housing Rugged rubberized armour 10106722 - X-Cell™ Combustible Sensor 10106727 - X-Cell™ Sulfur dioxide Sensor Weight 453g or 680g (IR version) 10080222 - Chlorine dioxide Sensor 10106728 - X-Cell™ Chlorine Sensor Dimensions (LxWxD) 16.9 x 8.9 x 4.2 cm 10106729 - X-Cell™ Oxygen Sensor 10106726 - X-Cell™ Ammonia Sensor Audible alarm >95dB typical 10116638 - Phosphine Sensor 10106724 - X-Cell™ Carbon monoxide Sensor Visual alarm 2 ultra-bright LED’s on top 10106375 - Hydrogen cyanide Sensor 10106723 - X-Cell™ Hydrogen sulfide Sensor Vibrating alarm Standard 10080224 - Nitrogen dioxide Sensor MotionAlert™ & InstantAlert™ Standard Accessories Display High-contrast monochrome or colour display 10099648 - Leather holster 10082834 - JetEye IR Adaptor/USB Connector Backlight Adjustable time-out 10103189 - Sampling line, 3m, PU conductive 478359 - Pressure reduction valve 0.25 l/min Battery Rechargable lithium-ion battery and 10103191 - Sampling probe, flexible 30 cm 10088099 - MSA Link™ Software CD-ROM optional Alkaline Approvals Run time >18 hours run time @ room ANZEx Australia/New Zealand - Test Safe Australia IECEx - Test Safe Australia temperature Altair® 5X Multigas Detector Altair® 5X Multigas Detector Ex ia sa I/IIC T4 (Zone 0) IP65 Ex ia mb d IIC IP65 – Zone 1 when XCell Ex sensor Charging time <= 6 hours Altair® 5X Multigas Detector with alkaline battery pack T3/T4 is installed. Altair® 5X Multigas Detector with rechargeable battery pack T4 Ex ia IIC IP65 – Zone 0 when XCell™ Ex Sensor is Operating Temperature 0 to 40ºC Ex ia sa I/IIC (Zone 0) IP65 not installed. Altair® 5X Multigas Detector with alkaline battery Extended temperature -20ºC to 50ºC pack T3/T4 Altair® 5X Multigas Detector with Short-period operation -40ºC to +50ºC rechargeable battery pack T4 Humidity 15-90% RH non-condensing Ex ia I IP65 – Zone 0 Ingress protection IP65 Data log (Adjustable) average of 200 hours (at 1-minute intervals) Event log Standard 1,000 events Standard warranty 3 year standard (monochrome) and 5 year (colour) CO/H2S/LEL/O2/SO2/NH3 and CI2 Other sensors: 1 yearFor additional customized versions and calibration gases, usMSA’s ATO ordering sheet or contact your MSA Customer ServiceAUSTRALIAN HEAD OFFICE MSA NEW ZEALANDMSA (Aust.) Pty. Limited The Gate, Unit E, 373 Neilson Street137 Gilba Road, GIRRAWEEN NSW 2146 Onehunga, Auckland, New ZealandCustomer Service No: 1300 728 672 Customer Service No: 0800 441 335Email: Email: AUSTRALIAN OFFICEMSA (Aust.) Pty. Limited4 Iron Road, MALAGA WA 6090Customer Service No: (08) 9247 8900Email: