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Motivate yourself to exercise


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Motivate yourself to exercise

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Motivate yourself to exercise

  1. 1. Motivate Yourself To ExerciseAs Woody Allen said 80 percent of success is showing up. Showing up is one of the toughestthings to do when it is for working out those glutes. Everyone goes these bouts and everyoneis not alone in that battle. There a innumerable ways to motivate yourself, from finding aworkout partner to logging your exercise, reading books & magazines on exercise or evenrewarding yourself. Here are a few pointers on motivating yourself Remind yourself about how great you feel after a workout. That high you felt after lifting weights, walking on the treadmill, stretching your muscles at the elliptical Making ‘you’ time. You often make time to look after the needs of others like your kids, spouse and other family members but often neglect ourselves. Make your exercise time a priority and don’t miss that appointment with yourself. Count your calories. Counting the calories burned at each workout will motivate you to come back to your exercise machines. Start the counter at the beginning of your workout and keep counting as you use the treadmill, exercise bikes and other equipment. Total up at the end. Make it fun. Your workout should be fun so try a different kind of activity every time. Vary your workout. Imagine a slimmer you. The image of a slimmer you will encourage you to head to the gym more often. Read exercise magazines. Skimming your eyes over magazines that give info about workouts with pictures motivate you to reach a goal. The models on the cover are probably photo shopped or genetically blessed but seeing them motivates you to try harder. Try it, it works! Read blogs. Blogs are personal experiences of people. It surely motivates and gives you insights. Stress relief and contemplation time. Your workout time can be used as a time for introspection and contemplation. It also greatly relieves stress after a hard day or prepares you for a long day. Find a workout partner. One of the best things you can do is to find yourself a workout partner. You will be motivated to meet that appointment with each other, chat etc. It’s a sure fire motivator. Posting on your blog or facebook. Reporting your achievements, goals, new techniques your have tried out with your exercise equipment like the bikes, elliptical or treadmill will motivate you to try newer things. Comments from your audience & friends will be a bonus too.