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Induction cookers its pros & cons


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Induction cookers its pros & cons

  1. 1. Induction cookers- its pros & consWith the shortage of cooking gas in the country induction cookers havebecome hugely popular. Cooks also prefer it because it cooks fast, almostinstantly, at high heat.With induction cookers, the heat is supplied directly to the cooking vessel bythe magnetic field. Thus there is no wastage of heat being transferredanywhere else. While with gas or conventional electric cookers, energy is firstconverted to heat and then transferred to the cooking vessel. Here there is alot of waste of energy with the heat being transferred elsewhere, heating upyour kitchen. Induction cooking results in cooler kitchens as well as coolstovetop too.The safety factor of these cookers are high. The stove top barely get warmhence there will be no burned hands or burnt food spills. It is even safe forpeople in wheel chairs. You can test this out by turning the heat on yourinduction cooker to ‘High’ and place your hand on it. Your hand will be intact,even if there is non ferrous material like rings, bracelets etc. Gas cookers comewith their own inherent risks, leakage, explosions etc.Induction cookers depend on good, clean energy- electricity, which is readilyavailable without expensive piping, reticulated systems or even cylinders.The most famous ‘drawback’ for induction cooers is the cookware. Thesecookers work only with magnetic materials. Stainless steel and cast iron are themost commonly used as they conduct heat precisely and quickly. You mayneed to invest in cookware to suit your new cooker. Significant quality offerrous cookware is not that very expensive and you can invest in it slowly,starting with the essentials like frying pans and saucepans.There is no radiation hazard as many have claimed. Many false claims ofhazards for cardiac embedded devices etc have been published but accordingto real scientific data the induction cooker is safe.There is no noise pollution either. This type of cooking is a noiseless process.Some manufacturers add fans to circulate the heat, in that case there may besome noise from the fan. Otherwise the induction process requires no noise atall.As far as energy costs go, a comparison with the gas cooker is relative. The costof cooking gas and electricity consumed are relative to one another.
  2. 2. The only negative is that the cooker does not work when electricity fails.Over all, the induction cooker is a beneficial and good alternative to cookinggas.