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Distribution Boards The scenario of electrical sub and final distribution boards have changed in thelast few years. There ...
VGuard's Latest Product Distribution Boards
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VGuard's Latest Product Distribution Boards


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VGuard's Latest Product Distribution Boards

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VGuard's Latest Product Distribution Boards

  1. 1. Distribution Boards The scenario of electrical sub and final distribution boards have changed in thelast few years. There seems to be more demand for more outgoing ways, moreprotection, more metering and more control.Distribution of electricity is at the heart of building services. New generationdistribution boards meet the demands of modern buildings, more meteringand energy efficient solutions through control devices.A distribution board is one of the components of an electricity supply systemwhich bifurcates an electrical feed into subsidiary circuits while protective fuseor circuit breaker for each circuit in an enclosure. Usually, a main switch and inrecent designs, one or more RCD (residual current devices) will beincorporated. While fitting distribution boards, for reasons of aesthetics andsecurity, these panels are fitted into closets, cupboards, attics, garages andbasements that are out of sight. Large building may install it in panels andnumber them for accessibility. They may have multiple circuit breakers due tohigher.Some low voltage circuit breaker distribution boards are suitable forapplications up to 250A in single phase and three phase configurationsincluding metering to meet the latest building regulations.There are some very modern distribution boards that are easy to install andthe option of adding additional enclosures. These enclosures are for metering,remote switching and other control products which allow them to beconfigured a different ways. In most of these the central busbar will be fullyinsulated with non removable barriers. Some of them have plug on featuresthat allow quick fitting of outgoing MCB’s and RCBO’s. Control panels may befitted alongside these and the wires passed through a central channel. Theseare high performance distribution boards that are suitable of demandinginstallations. Their versatility of adding incoming devices makes them apreferred choice. Safety features like the insulating barriers are an addedadvantages. Plug on features aid easy installation. There are a range of boardsavailable for multiple uses and situations, the choice is aplenty.A variety of distribution boards are available for Domestic, Industrial andCommercial use. Choosing a reputed manufacturer is the key. Choose one whohas a reputation for maintaining good standards.