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Change of guard : Kochouseph Chittilappilly


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Change of guard : Kochouseph Chittilappilly

Published in: Business, Technology
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Change of guard : Kochouseph Chittilappilly

  1. 1. CHANGE OF
  2. 2. • There has been a change of guard at our group. You must have learned of it from the media. I have stepped down as the Managing Director of V- Guard and Wonderla. Mithun and Arun, my sons, are now the MDs of V- Guard and Wonderla, respectively.• Change is the only constant known to the human race and an inevitable part of life. It is the order of the universe. Organizations are no exceptions to this rule of nature. Any organization that resists change, resists growth. When he sets out on the entrepreneurial path, every entrepreneur is a doer. As time passes by, he would require to manage many number of doers. The organization grows and he evolves into the role of guiding the managers who manage the doers. Then, the business becomes more complex. He would then don the hat of mentoring the senior managers who guide the managers, who in turn manage the doers.
  3. 3. • I take pride in the fact that, I have built a team of managers, over the years, who are capable of handling affairs and face every crisis, even in my absence. I have always believed in the philosophy that any person with even an average intellect can be groomed, with proper training, to realize his potential and play meaningful roles within the organization. Building a trustworthy team is the real hallmark of a leader. On the contrary, if the leader considers himself to be indispensable and takes upon himself every task, hesitant to delegate, it would but naturally spell the doom of the organization.
  4. 4. • Looking back, Im quite contented. From a small enterprise way back in the 70s, we have grown into a large organization, with a presence across the country. We could build two major verticals- consumer durables and entertainment. Mithun and Arun will now have two major platforms to display their expertise and experience and excel. Im glad that I was able to facilitate it. Of course, I wont prefer to be idle. I would now focus on our new venture, Veegaland Developers Pvt. Ltd., hoping to build apartments and homes that people would love to live in. In its infancy, it would require much of my care and attention. I also look forward to spending more of my time in pursuing social causes and in charitable pursuits. Its just that I have moved out of the drivers seat into a side seat. The vehicle would roll on and on….
  5. 5. Thanks For Reading CHANGE OF