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Advantages of elliptical workouts


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Advantages of elliptical workouts

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Advantages of elliptical workouts

  1. 1. Advantages of elliptical workoutsElliptical trainer workouts are popular for their overall effectiveness. You canenjoy workouts that you won’t be able to find on other exercise machines.Workouts on the elliptical trainer combine the simple manoeuvres of climbingstairs with the full, natural stride of walking.One of the main benefits of the elliptical trainer is that it provides acardiovascular workout without jarring any of the joints on your back. No otherexercise machine can claim this advantage. The elliptical trainer is ideal forpeople with arthritis, bad knees or ankles etc. It offers a safe exercise routine. Back strain is avoided as your back is in a standing position. Reaching andpulling that you do on other machines like rowing machines, could lead tostrain and back pain. This machine avoids any such movement.The elliptical trainer allows you the freedom to work out only the upper bodyor exclusively the lower body. Should you choose to work out only the lowerbody, simply hold on to the hand rails for support and comfort andconcentrate on the lower body exercises.The elliptical trainer gives you options of forward and backward movement,exercising different muscle groups. This results in a comprehensive workout forthe lower body resulting in the toning and sculpting of muscles.One of the highlights of this machine is that you burn more calories on it withlesser exertion than on a treadmill. Which means that you see quicker, morenoticeable results and motivates you to stick to your workout without gettingdiscouraged.Another good reason to opt for an elliptical trainer is that it is easy forbeginners as well as intensely dedicated exercisers and that you never outgrowyour machine. You can just vary your workouts to give you different results.You can make it work to suit your fitness and ability.The elliptical trainer is excellent to exercise during your pregnancy too. Since itminimises stress on your back, knees and joints and gives you a good cardioworkout for the lungs and the heart. The elliptical also offers a variety ofexercises to keep you from getting bored.Overall the elliptical trainer is a good choice of equipment to own.