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Copy (2) of new open document presentation mental fitness use this one

  1. 1. CONTENTS * Definition of Mental Fitness_____ 2-3 * Stretching Your Mind__________ 4-5 * Health and Fitness_____________ 6-7 * Meditation____________________8-9 * Spiritual Focus________________ 10 * References_____________________11
  2. 2. Definition of Mental Fitness Collectively, mental fitness involves activities that promotes wellness for both mind and body. this can involve, meditation, eating healthy, physical excercise, even learning new skills. The benefits are rewarding to the mind and body, helping to boost one's confidence, have a more po- sitive attitude, and enhance your spiritual growth among other improvements.
  3. 3. STRECHING YOUR MINDSTRECHING YOUR MIND Performing regular activities to increase and main- Tain the performance of our brains, is considered To some more essential than excercise for the rest Of our body. Here are a few suggestions: Laugh: „scientist tell us it is good for our health, it releases endorphins, and other positive powerfulpowerful chemicals into our system“
  4. 4. Learn something new: „we capitalize on our brain's great potential when we put it to work“ Excercise: „increasing our blood flow brings more oxygen to the brain-oxygen that is the fuel for the beautiful brain“. (Eikenberry, 2008)
  5. 5. Health and Fitness for the Mind It is suggested that long ago our culture Lost the essential „interconnectedness between the body mind and spirit“ (James, 2006). Too many of us tend to spend more time doing For others and leave little time to care for Ourselves. By including excercise in your daiily life You are embracing the balance needed to reach The goal of „wellness“, in your life. Some tips for getting started!
  6. 6. SEE YOUR PHYSICIAN: Chooosing the appropriate rou- tine is critical when beginning a routine, so that you understand what your body type can withstand and you decrease the chance of doing harm or becoming overwhelmed. TAKE YOURSELF SERIOUSLY: If you are someone who benefits from performing activities with others and it is more motivating than certainly get out and join a club or group with similar interest! If you perfer the comfort of your home and benefit from equip- ment for your own personal use and flexibility, then setting up a personal gym may be best. MIND & BODY ARE CONNECTED!: „Redefine excercise as an excercise that reduces stress and connects your mind and body“, ( James, 2006).
  7. 7. MEDITATE
  8. 8. Feeling overly tired, stressed, unhappy, or just unhappy, can have a profound affect on our health and certainly our ability to achieve mental fitness. Through meditation, one can find inner peace and balance. „Meditation can also help us to un-derstand our own mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy.“(Gyatso, 2007)
  9. 9. There is a clear connection between the health of the mind, body And a deep connection with spirituality. Two components towards making a positive change are: „to make up the mind to make the change“......... „to take action necessary to make the change happen“. (Chrysallis Meditation Center, 2010) The End By Debra A. Reaze HW420-02 „A VITAL SPIRIT, A LENGTHY LIFE“ Spiritual Focus
  10. 10. REFERENCES Eikenberry,Kevin"Re-energizeYourBrain".TheMentalFitnessCenter. 2008. Gyatso,GesheKelsang. "HowtoMeditate". TheNewKapdamapaTradition- InternationalBuddhistUnion. TharpaPublications..org TheBodyTheSpiritualConnectionforaPhysicalBeing. ChrysalisHypnosisCenter. Charlotte,NC.2010.