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The villas for sulit


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the villas in lancaster estates imus cavite philiuppines

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The villas for sulit

  1. 1. The Villas in Lancaster Estates, near SM Bacoor and Robinson Imus. For as low as Php 580,000 selling price with 2 Bedrooms, 1 T&B, provision for 1 car garage. Hurry and Avail the newest House Financing from Pro-Friends, Down-payment for only 10% payable in 4 months @ 0 % interest. loanable amount of 10% per annum with no salary requirement. Come and See to Appreciate! Ask me about the newest affordable financing from PRO-FRIENDS.<br />The Villas<br />One of the newest projects of Pro Friends, Lancaster Estates is located in Alapan, the municipality which will be the center of the next major estate development in Cavite.The project is also strategically located near the proposed Cavite Coastal Highway extension. Pro Friends infrastructure development projects are also underway to connect this part of Cavite to Daang Hari, making access more convenient from other parts of Metro Manila and Laguna.Its amenities include an existing clubhouse with a swimming pool, landscaped parks, a children’s playground, a basketball court, a separate function room, and a multi-purpose area. Soon will rise country club, church, wet market, bus terminal, shuttle service, private school, restaurant, gas station and other commercial establishment.<br />How long is travel time to Lancaster Estates?<br />If you come from Makati, estimated travel time is 45 mins – 1 hour. But now that the Coastal Road Extension is fully opened, expect shortened travel time. From Coastal Road in Zapote up to Centennial Road in Imus, the road is only 6 kilometers long. <br />There are public busses from Lawton or Cubao that will pass thru Lancaster Estates. Jeepney’s from Baclaran are also available.<br />House Features:<br />Lot Area: 43 sqm<br />Floor Area: 28 sqm <br />No. of Bedrooms: 2<br />No. of Toilet&Bath: 1<br />Living Area<br />Dining Area<br />Kitchen Area<br />Provision Service/Laundry Area<br />Provision for one (1) car garage<br /> <br />House Finishes:<br />Pre-painted G.I. sheets<br />Steel casement windows<br />Pre-cast panel system<br />Painted exterior and interior walls<br />Floor cement finish<br />Tiled kitchen counter<br />Tiled bathroom flooring<br />Water Closet<br />Dressed –up unit<br />Living Area<br />Dining and Kitchen Area<br />Bedroom 1<br />Bedroom 2<br />Toilet<br />Floor Plan<br /> <br />Sample Computation for Bank-IBIG FinancingOne Lancaster lane (The Villas) Imus,Cavite Lot area:43sq.m. Floor Area:28 sq.m.TOTAL SELLING PRICE 580,000.00 TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE (inc. of Proc.Fee) 626,400.00 DOWNPAYMENT 12.5% 62,640.00 Less: Reservation Fee 5,000.00 Net Equity 57,640.00 In 4 Months 14,410.00 LOANABLE AMOUNT 563,760.00 0.0212470465 yrs.(10%) 12,235.94 0.01321507410 yrs.(10%) 7,707.84 0.01074605115 yrs.(10%) 6,315.900.00965021620 yrs.(10%) 5,698.12 <br />NOTE:<br />Processing Fees includes Transfer of Title.<br />MRI and Fire insurance included<br />Interest rate is reference only.<br />Prevailing interest rate will apply upon loan takeout.<br />Developer will process loan. Tied up with UCPB<br />Bank maximum approved amount will depend on salary & age (loan maturity is 55 yrs.)<br />CENTRAL AMENITIES<br />COUNTRY CLUB<br />CHURCH<br />ELEGANT ENTRANCE<br />EXISTING CLUBHOUSE WITH SHUTTLE SERVICE AND SWIMMING POOL<br />MASTER PLAN<br />LOCATION MAP<br />Frequently Asked Question:<br />Reservation fee is Php 5,000 for Villas Model. It is not refundable but is part of the downpayment. Buyer can transfer reservation and downpayments to another person or unit provided under same agent, developer and same price or price is higher than old unit.  All payments made will be duly credited in the new owner/choosen unit. No penalty or deduction of payment provided account is updated and still on downpayment period. Just pay the required transfer fee.  Approval may takes 2-3 weeks<br />Monthly Downpayment- your first downpayment will start 30 days after you paid your reservation. Hindi po sabay ang pagbabayad ng reservation at first downpayment. For precautionary measures that Agents may lose the Official Receipts, it is highly recommended that Buyer or SPA get directly from Developer.<br />Monthly Amortization - your first monthly amortization will immediately start after you have fully paid the downpayment. Hindi po magsasabay ang monthly downpayment at monthly amortization.  <br />Hidden charges? There are NO HIDDEN charges in Villas Model @ Lancaster Estates.  Profriends does not charge MOVE-IN fees.  Client/Buyer will apply and pay for Water and Meralco connection after house is turned-over and accepted. <br />Water Connection- Estimated cost for water connection is Php4,000 - Php5,000.00 (deposit & meter).  Timetable is 1-2 weeks from application date.  Cost may vary depending on choose project. <br />Meralco Connection - Estimated cost for electrical connection is Php3,000-Php5,000.00 (deposit & meter).  Timetable is 3-4 weeks from application date.  Cost may vary depending on choose project.<br /> Construction Bond - Is required BY PROFRIENDS only if Buyer construct improvement (fence/balcony/etc) after house is accepted.  Estimated amount is Php10,500 or more depending on housing project choose. This Bond will pay for any damages (should there be any) during construction/improvement period.  Bond will be refunded if there is no damage done during construction.<br />Pre-termination Fee - Profriends charge pretermination fee only 14% if Buyer decides to loan the Balance or Loanable Amount personally to Bank or Pagibig (Individual Application). But only 42% of the Pretermination Fee Amount will be paid by the Buyer who will apply the loan with PAGIBIG Office personally or thru SPA. Profriends will not handle the loan processing.  Buyer will be paying downpayment and amortization base on  INHOUSE computation.  There is NO Pre-termination Fee if Buyer choose straight INHOUSE Financing.  Balance will not be transferred to any other financing.<br />Why there are different prices in the Internet?<br />1.  Prices are higher for lots facing east or morning sun, than lots facing west.2.  Prices are higher for lots located near Entrance Gate, Amenities and Main Roads.    The farther the lot from the entrance gate, the cheaper is the price.3.  A Corner Lot and End Lot is higher than inner lot due to bigger lot area.4.  Prices may have increased by the time you viewed the posted ads, so it is    highly recommended to ask for an updated pricelist. 5.  Profriends, Inc. has only ONE PRICELIST for all AGENTS and BROKERS.6. So, be careful and be safe. Choose your Agents well.<br />              Required Document – PROJECT 10 FINANCING 1.) 3 pcs. ID picture 1x1 (applicant)2.) 2 Valid ID's (if married: husband & wife & Attorney-in-Fact)3.) Cedula4.) Birth Certificate (if single) or Marriage Contract ( if Married)5.) Proof of Billing Address or Certification from Owner if Renting6.) TIN7.) Latest Income Tax Return or ITR (OFW are exempted)8.) Postdated Checks: <br />If Buyer or SPA has no existing checking account, Profriends will give Bank Referral Letter so Buyer can open a checking account ONLY with PLANTERS DEVELOPEMENT BANK (PDB) IMUS BRANCH.  Bank referral is not acceptable with other branches of Planters Development Bank or any other bank.  Only Php 5,000.00 is needed to open an account.      Required Checks to Issue:        A.) 4 pcs. Down-payment or According to DP terms        B.) 36 pcs. for Monthly Amortization        C.)  12 pc. Guarantee Check        E.) Total Required Checks:  52 ChecksIf OFW, Add These Documents:<br />Passport<br /> Special Power of Attorney duly Consularized in place of Work<br /> Job Contract (Email Address of Employer Must Be Indicated)<br />We thank you for viewing our advertisement. <br />We service free tripping and site viewing daily.<br />Godbless you and your family.<br />We hope to see you soon!<br />Advertised by: Brian and Malou Andulan<br />Globe: 0917-7503718<br />Smart: 0949-4399124<br />Sun : 0932-4111715<br />Manila line: 994-1773<br />Website:<br />YM :<br /><br /><br />Bible Verse:<br />"Commit your works to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." (Proverbs 16:3)<br />Inspirational Quotation:<br />"When we take care of things that are important to God, He takes care of things that are important to us."<br />