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Secure life plan


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Secure life plan

  1. 1. The land of opportunities Education, Technology and Protection Strategy to ensure an independent future for you and your family! BELIEVING IS ACHIEVING
  2. 2. Please Switch off your mobile
  3. 3. Dreams of Life Time Freedom Recognition Foreign Trip Big Car Bank Balance Bungalow Compromise Vacation Jewellery Best Education to Children Financial Freedom Income of Life Income
  4. 4. Living Cost 1940 – Rs. 10/1960 – Rs. 100/1980 – Rs. 1000/2000 – Rs. 10000/- 2020 – Rs. 100000/-
  5. 5. There Are Four Types Of People Money • • • • No Money Lot Of Money No Money Lot Of Money Time Lot Of Time No Time No Time Lot Of Time
  6. 6. WHAT HAPPENS AT THE AGE OF 65 YEARS? 36% Dead 54% Dependent 05% Still in Job 04% Financially Free 01% Time Freedom and Financial Freedom
  7. 7. Golden collection
  8. 8. Duke
  10. 10. MANUFACTURER COST Rs. 35/- C & F Agent Associate Distributor Dealer Retailer MRP CUSTOMER Rs. 100/-
  11. 11. Finally, it is often said…. There are 3 kinds of people Those who Make things happen Those who Watch things happen Those who Wonder what has happened If you want to make it happen for You, the opportunity is here…
  12. 12. What to do? Step-1 : Take fast decision, show your interest and secure your position. Step-2 : You can secure your position by filling signup form available with your host. Step-3 : Select any product from the brochure make a demand draft in favor SSIA PVT LTD, payable at new Delhi. Step-4 : Start working/earning
  13. 13. Humble Advise 1. Do not ask others, believe in yourself 2. Do not start working until proper signup and learning 3. Understand the benefits of early signup. (Spillover) Do not delay your decision.
  14. 14. TIMING “The secret of success is to find out where people are going - and get there first” Mark Twain