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Broken Clouds movie press kit 900kb

  1. 1. presents Broken Clouds Written and directed by Yuri Alves Completion date: January, 2011 Running time: 22 min. Language: English (Portuguese, French subtitles) Format: NTSC, DVD (Cinemascope 2.55:1) Genre: Drama / Suspense, Experimental Rating: Not Rated Country: USA Tagline Human evolution... just one long, drawn out suicide?Links Official Page: Facebook: Twitter: IMDB: M. AlvesDreamPlay Productions*Tel: 1.347.460.7529Email:* Accepting review requests / Seeking distribution opportunities. 1 of 7
  2. 2. Synopsis In a not so distant future, plants refuse to grow, and life as we know itceases to exist. A forsaken survivor miraculously resists death, roamingpast the decaying corpses and vestiges of a bygone world. Sustained by the memory of his lost lover, he embarks on a mission toplant three seeds, which he is convinced have the power to restart life onthis planet. His journey is further challenged by a tense encounter with an-other lonely survivor, who further tests his resolve and sanity.Reviewer Quotes “A true masterpiece” - The Observer Newspaper “Immersive in its atmosphere” - Times Square ReviewsProduction Credits Writer-Director Yuri Alves Producer Igor Alves, Yuri Alves Executive Producer Igor Alves, Jon H. Miller Associate Producer Virgil Dorjo, Miger Diaz Director of Photography Yuri Alves Editor Yuri Alves Composer Rui Abrunheiro Assistant Director Harold Jimenez Production Coordinator Lelo Lourenzo Production Assistant Bryan Caballero Assistant Camera Lee Peterkin Sound Design Carlos Abreu Foley Artist Carlos Nascimento, Andre Almeida, Carlos Ferreira Graphic Designer Peter Morris Web Designer Klemen Novak DreamPlay, LLC is a TV / film, multimedia and digital marketing studio based in NJ and NYC. Its teamsbackground includes filmmaking, video production, motion graphics, broadcast programming, strategicpartnerships, new media marketing, public relations, web development, music production, and 3D / animation.DreamPlay has produced dozens of independent films, broadcast programming, commercials, music videos, liveevents, and won multiple awards.Website: Facebook: dreamplayproductions Twitter: dreamplaypro 2 of 7
  3. 3. Yuri Alves Writer-Director Yuri Alves is a writer and director of more than twelve films, including a feature film at the age of twenty. He has directed commercials and other projects for several production companies in New York and overseas. He is credited with being the first filmmaker to produce and exhibit a film about the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, screening “The Day the World Changed” on September 18, 2001 to an audience of 2500. Alves was born in Brazil to Portuguese parents and grew up in Newark and surrounding areas in New Jersey. Alves graduated with a Bachelors degree in Media Arts from New Jersey City University. Alvess works have screened at multiple venues in New York City. He was a semi-finalist in the Steven Spielberg-produced television show, ‘On the Lot’, and his “High Hopes” was selected for the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner in 2008. Alves is the director of two episodes, ‘A Armadilha’ and ‘Mano a Mano’ of the Portuguese RTP primetime television mini-series Tempo Final, which premiere in late April 2011. Alves is the co-founder and Creative Director of DreamPlay Productions, a TV / multimedia and video production company based in New Jersey.Awards2011 – New Jersey International Film Festival – Best Experimental Film, Broken Clouds2008 – Wild Sound Toronto Film Festival – Best Cinematography, Chronicles of a Hitman2007 – 24fps Film Festival – Most Promising Filmmaker, Chronicles of a Hitman2007 – Black Maria Film Festival – 3rd Place, Flow2006 – South Jersey United Film Festival – Best Short Film, Chronicles of a Hitman2006 – Independent Film Festival of North Texas – Best Editing, Jersey Blues2005 – New York International Film and Video Festival – Best Feature Director, Xavier2005 – New Jersey Young Filmmakers Festival – 1st Prize Overall, Beyond the Origins Within2003 – Director’s View Film Festival – 3rd Place Overall, Until the End2002 – New Jersey Young Filmmakers Festival – 1st Prize Overall, The Day the World ChangedIMDB: Website: www.yurialves.comFilmographyFeature FilmsIronbound (scheduled 2012) Writer / Director Stopline FilmsXavier (2005) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsShort FilmsBroken Clouds (2011) Writer / Director / Editor DreamPlay ProductionsBrick City (2009) Director / Editor / Cinematographer DreamPlay ProductionsHigh Hopes (2008) Writer / Director / Editor DreamPlay Productions 3 of 7
  4. 4. Filmography (cont.)Making of Purgatório 20:13 (2008) Director / Editor / Cameraman MGN FilmesEvergreen (2007) Director / Editor / Cinematographer DreamPlay ProductionsChronicles of a Hitman (2006) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsJersey Blues (2005) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsFlow (2005) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsBeyond the Origins Within (2004) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsThe Hitman (2003) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsUntil the End (2002) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsThe Day the World Changed (2001) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsFatal Reaction (2001) Director / Editor / Cinematographer Homemade ProductionsTelevisionTempo Final: “A Armadilha” (2011) Director Stopline FilmsTempo Final: “Mano a Mano” (2011) Director Stopline Films Igor M. Alves Producer Igor M. Alves is an entrepreneur, business and marketing strategist, writer and producer. Alves is the co-founder / CEO of DreamPlay Productions, a TV / multimedia and film production company based in New Jersey. He has produced dozens of commercial projects, and six independent films. Alves is also Director of Operations + Marketing at 24horas Newspaper, based in Newark, NJ. He recently served as Media and Partnership Specialist for the 2010 Census in New York, where he accumulated $4 million+ in earned media and in-kind value from thousands of media oulets, officials, businesses and service organizations. Previously, as Marketing Director at Status Promotions and Marketing, he managed multicultural marketing campaigns for corporate brands. During a decade, Alves served as a regional board member at the American Red Cross, for which he founded the Rutgers Red Cross Corps, and volunteered with the National Youth Council. He is a past president of the NJ SEEDS Alumni Council, where he also taught for 2 summers. He is fluent in English, Portuguese, Spanish and proficient in French. Igor earned a Bachelors degree in Political Science and a Masters degree in Global Affairs and Economics with high honors from Rutgers University, and has been published in academic journals. IMDB: Linkedin: 4 of 7
  5. 5. Rui Abrunheiro Composer Rui Abrunheiro is a music composer, producer and guitarist. He was born in Coimbra, Portugal and migrated to the U.S. at the age of nine. His love for the guitar and music were instilled in him at an early age, ever since his father and sang and played him guitar. During his teens, guitar lessons morphed into forming a band by the age of sixteen. Abrunheiro expanded into music writing when he formed an acoustic duo called CBMOE (condemned by my own existence). Abrunheiro has produced instrumental compositions in a wide variety of styles, ranging from hard rock to acoustic to industrial. His works are defined by their emotional intimacy and ever-probing character, as Abrunheiro continues to buildupon his unique musical philosophy. In 2010, Rui formed his latest band, At a Distance, and composed theoriginal soundtrack to the short film Broken Clouds. Rui lives in Newark, NJ.IMDB: Vinicius Vieira Actor Vinicius Vieira is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is a judgmental, self loathing, egocentric actor; or if he may say so, a revolutionary artist who moved to a small town of Dorset, England to develop his eloquent English before settling in the empire city. Martyr by choice, Vieira challenges every enterprise bestowed to him, searching for his sanity, hungry for accessing our ways of existing. He will continue to refuse all that is spiritless and embrace art through passion. IMDB: Klemen Novak Actor Klemen Novak, originally from Slovenia, moved to New York to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and became a member of the 2007-08 Academy Company. Theatre credits include Judge Brack in Hedda Gabler, Will Masters in Bus Stop, Duke Senior/Frederick in As You Like It and Macduff/Duncan in a tour of Macbeth with the acclaimed Hudson Valley Shakespeare Company. Film and TV credits include a speaking role on Bored to Death, the HBO series, All That Glitters, a microbudget feature he also co- produced, Overload and Paradise as more than 20 short films such as Private Moments by Curro Sanchez and Welcome by Maja Milanovic. In 2010, his feature and short films screened at more than 20 international film festivals. Recently in Paris, Klemen coproduced and starred in Les Enfants du Ciel, apilot for a TV series intended for the French market. Klemen is also a screenwriter and speaks fluentEnglish, German, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish.IMDB: Website: 5 of 7
  6. 6. Candace Janee Actor Candace Janee Roediger was raised in rural Northern California surrounded by animals and her two younger siblings. Candace had ambitions to become a veterinarian until a high school drama course steered her toward the arts. She began taking on an active role in the local theater community, still supporting herself by working at animal hospitals and a horse stable. It wasnt until watching Adrian Brodys acceptance speech for his Oscar in The Pianist that Candace realized her passion was just as great. In 2005, Candace entered The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and moved to New York. She graduated in 2007 and gained visibility in the off-off Broadway world through her portrayals ofthe imprisoned and abused pregnant Lily in The Godling (2008) and Linda Kasabian in Mason the Musical(2009). She transitioned to indie films with lead roles in War is A Bitch (2008), I Hate Chess (2010) andBroken Clouds (2011). Candace is finishing her first feature film role in Melancholia, to be released in 2012.IMDB: Ivo Canelas Actor Ivo Canelas is a Portuguese actor who has been working for the past 15 years in film, theatre and television, in Portugal, Spain, Brasil and the U.S.A. He has acting credits in more than 45 projects, and is arguably the leading Portuguese actor of his generation. His most well-known leading roles include Zona J (1998) Alice (2005), Um Tiro no Escuro (2005), Call Girl (2007), The Mystery of Sintra (2007), The Art of Stealing (2008) and the TV series Liberade 21 (2008-10). He won the PortugueseGolden Globe award for best performing actor twice, and has earned several other awards andnominations. In 2011, Ivo has lead roles in the film Conexão and the TV series Tempo Final.IMDB: David Nash Actor David Nash is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and was a member of the 09 Academy Company. His films include The Party and Green Man as well as the mock-umentary FROLF, and the short film Good-Looking People. He also performed in the 2009-10 production of The Winters Tale with the Hudson Shakespeare company and the 2010 production of Hamlet at the Hudson Guild Theatre in New York. IMDB: 6 of 7
  7. 7. Latest News Updates: “BROKEN CLOUDS” BY YURI ALVES COMPETING IN “SUNDANCE OF EUROPE” Bold film wins Best Experimental Film at New Jersey International Film Festival and is now in competition at prestigious ÉCU – European Independent Film Festival in ParisPARIS, FRANCE – From Friday, April 1st to Sunday, April 3rd, 2011, Broken Clouds, by Yuri Alves, willparticipate at the ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival, which will project 78 films from 25countries. Broken Clouds will screen at the cinema Christine on Sunday April 3, 2:10pm – tickets availableat: Clouds, directed by Yuri Alves and produced by DreamPlay Productions, tells the story of a miraculoussurvivor seeking to restart life on the planet after the loss of his soulmate. The film was shot in Newark, NJ andin surrounding towns, as well as Brooklyn, NY over a period of 18 months. The cast features Vinicius Vieira,Klemen Novak, Candace Janee, David Nash and Ivo Canelas. Alves, along with some of the producers and castwill attend the festival.In February 2011, Broken Clouds won Best Experimental Film at the New Jersey International Film Festival,which selected 33 films from over 300 entries. And recently, Broken Clouds was featured in an exclusive sneakpreview screening that drew over 550 attendees in Newark, NJ.Writer-director Yuri Alves, 27, was born in Brazil to Portuguese parents and grew up in Newark and surroundingareas. Alves says the film is “a highly personal expression of a dark spiritual and artistic phase for me. The film’sproduction actually paralleled the journey of the main character, and in particular, his search for catharsis in theface of existential fear.”It is competing in the Short Dramatic Film category with 6 other films from around the world. This year’s ÉCUwill screen 78 films in 12 categories including features, short films, documentaries, animation, studentexperimental and more, which will be competing for 20 awards. Alves, along with members of the production andcast, will attend the festival in representation of Broken Clouds.ÉCU is considered by many critics and industry insiders to be the “Sundance of Europe” because it hasdelivered on its mantra to “discover, project and promote” vibrant independent cinema. Festival President andAcademy Award winning filmmaker, Scott Hillier says: “The 2011 ‘Official Selection’ is full of innovative, intelligentand entertaining cinematic gems. We are proud to support these talented individuals and assist in help takingtheir careers to another level.”Most recently, Alves directed ‘A Armadilha’ and ‘Mano a Mano’, two episodes from the Portuguese primetimetelevision mini-series Tempo Final, set to premiere in late April 2011. Yuri Alves is also the co-founder andCreative Director of DreamPlay Productions, a TV, film and multimedia company.For more, visit: -XXX- 7 of 7