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My keynote for the Sparxup conference.

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  • Source: IDC I think.
  • Source: IDC I think.
  • Source: IDC I think.
  • Will they go global, or just in EM?
  • Will they go global, or just in EM?
  • Sparxup

    1. 1. Change the world! Michael “Smitty” Smith
    2. 2. Dedicated to Shanan Delp Wish you were here! From everyone at KMC!
    3. 3. Agenda • HTML 5 versus native applications • Tricks for using social networking to boost your Google PageRank • How to leverage the Yahoo IM Open API • Bubble versus Tree versus Red Black Tree
    4. 4. Do you have Conviction?
    5. 5. He does!
    6. 6. Conviction A strongly held belief that is arrived at after considering personal experiences Any external inputs that may have been encountered
    7. 7. • I'm Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Movement. • In 1983 I announced the plan to develop a complete free operating system called GNU. • I am using a Lemote Yeelong, a netbook. This is my only computer, and I use it all the time. I chose it because I can run it with 100% free software even at the BIOS level. • I read and send mail with Emacs (mail is what I do most of the time). • Most of the time I do not have an Internet connection. Once or twice or maybe three times a day I connect and transfer mail in and out. • Freedom is my priority. I've campaigned for freedom since 1983, and I am not going to surrender that freedom for the sake of a more convenient computer.
    8. 8. What does social mean?
    9. 9. Does it look like this?
    10. 10. Social The term Social refers to a characteristic of living organisms - humans in particular It always refers to the interaction of organisms with other organisms and to their collective co-existence
    11. 11. I get concerned… The existence of the internet and the so called “social networks” are not that social…
    12. 12. Export the community that is Indonesia – around the world!
    13. 13. The Old Way: Valley Web Exporters Silicon Valley Satellie View, 硅谷卫星地图 by Yan and Yung’s Album
    14. 14. Who is this?
    15. 15. The world is changing – BRICi happened – embrace it
    16. 16. The Old Way • Global companies launch global products with language sensitivities • Global companies launch language specific regional products • Regional companies launch locally (and stay there) • Global companies excel at scale/monetization but tend to fail at being regionally adored • Regional adoraton scales poorly
    17. 17. Why there needs to be a new way Almost half the 500M internet users coming online in the next 5 years are from emerging markets
    18. 18. This place included…
    19. 19. Can Indonesia export its talents? Currently Indonesia is the biggest user of products NOT built in Indonesia – make that change.
    20. 20. Knowledge of how to scale… Social, Social, Social… Mobile, Mobile, Mobile… Indonesian export? Ecommerce & payment innovation…
    21. 21. Thank you